The new Messenger shortcuts improve the user experience

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Shortcuts are an important element in messaging apps, and Facebook Messenger is not far behind. For example, it has long offered users the ability to tag a specific person in a group by typing @ followed by their name. Now, however, this is also being added the “@everyone” option, which allows you to tag all participants in the group. And this is just one of the shortcuts Meta added to its application. Let’s find out the others too.

Facebook Messenger: all the new shortcuts useful to users

In the last few hours Meta has announced that two new shortcuts – @everyone and / silent – have begun to be implemented on the Facebook Messenger App for iOS and Android. The first of the two takes up a rather well-known function in Slack, albeit with some variables. The Meta messaging app, in fact, introduces the possibility of attract the attention of all participants in a group chat using the @everyone tag. An interesting option, which is undoubtedly useful when you want to contact friends and family at the same time.

Likewise, the use of the shortcut / silent when sending a message in a group chat it creates the opposite effect to @everyone. Participating members will not be notified, and will be able to choose whether or not to access certain content. A useful option especially if the participants in a conversation reside in different parts of the world, and therefore have a different time zone from the other. Beyond these shortcuts, Meta announces that it already has others in the works for its Facebook Messenger. /payfor example, will allow you to send or request money within single chats. An option that will soon be released on iOS and Android only in the United States.

Finally, it would also appear that the company is releasing exclusive features for the iOS App. There shortcut / gif, for example, will help you find and send good reactions simply by typing the command followed by the chosen topic, without the need to leave the chat. Or, if you prefer, you can resort to some old school options, like the emojis based on text elements. To make it easier, Meta will provide users with shortcuts /shrug o /tableflip. In short, many news and of great interest, which will make life easier for users on Facebook Messenger.