The new POCO X5 Pro 5G and POCO X5 5G smartphones are coming

In arrivo i nuovi smartphone POCO X5 Pro 5G e POCO X5 5G thumbnail

The two new mid-range smartphones POCO X5 Pro 5G e POCO X5 5G constitute the new chapter of the X series. They celebrate five years of POCO with new and interesting features designed specifically for tech-lovers from all over the world. That’s when the launch event for the new devices will take place.

The launch event of the POCO X5 Pro 5G and POCO X5 5G smartphones

Monday 6 February from 13 it will be possible to attend the launch event of the new smartphones POCO X5 Pro 5G e POCO X5 5G. It will be possible to follow the live from the POCO channels on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Poco F4 GT, the smartphone designed for gamers

The Poco F4 GT smartphone was launched last year and features Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. It has a 6.67” OLED screen with Full HD+ resolution and refresh rate at 120Hz (but not Ltpo) up to 12 GB of RAM and 256 of internal memory.

This device was designed especially for gaming lovers. the reason comes from the fact that it is known for its power reserve, calculation capacity, advanced cooling system and its ergonomics.

The F4 GT is available in the 8-128 or 12-256 version. It is on sale on the Poco website or on Amazon e it costs 599.90 or 699.90 euros. Until April 29, these prices drop to 499.90 and 599.90 euros respectively.

A special feature of this smartphone is the lightning flash, and not only. The presence of the speaker stereo in a place where it does not touch the hand while playing. A very interesting idea and not at all obvious.

Not just for gamers, but for the daily life everyday: there is no dip in the frame-rate of phone usage, then. You can also use it with many apps open. The screenFurthermore, it is large enough to take more than appreciable photos.