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The new rules for SIM portability

The new anti-fraud rules of theAgcom regarding portability SIM when you switch carriers, they should avoid identity theft and make sure that theft doesn’t happen. But as the new analysis of SOSTariffe.italso means that we will have to change some behaviors: for example, it will no longer be possible to delegate.

SIM portability, new anti-fraud rules

The first of the new rules provides that there will no longer be the possibility to give a proxy to change SIM portability, even if it is stolen, lost or switched to a virtual eSIM. Only for company SIMs can you act by proxy.

Without the old SIM, you will also not be able to switch to another operator. So if you have lost it or it is stolen, you will have to reactivate it before changing operator. To get a new card from the operator, you will also need to present a document and tax code, in addition to the SIM (or to report in case of theft).

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To make sure the old SIM, before the passage, is active and functioning, the operator will send an SMS or a recorded call to verify it. This allows, in the event that someone is committing a fraud, to warn you in time to block the operation.

Also, the telephone company will have to inform you of all the various steps when switching from one operator to another. This way you can always validate the procedure and you won’t have to wait without news while the transition takes place.

These rules could make a the portability of the SIM is a little more cumbersome, but they should ensure that everything takes place with maximum security. If you are trying to change operator, you can consult the SOSTariffe.it comparator.

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