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The New York Times loses the “tick” on Twitter

Il New York Times he refused to pay to keep his own tick of official account on Twitter – ed Elon Musk decided to immediately remove the official mark to one of America’s oldest and most respected newspapers.

Twitter: The New York Times loses the “tick” of official account

Until last year, the official accounts of companies, journalists and celebrities they enjoyed, on Twitter, a check that verified their authenticity. All without paying anything: it was a matter of guaranteeing the legitimate origin of the information on the social network.

Elon Musk has instead introduced the official ticks a monthly subscription. Eight dollars for the blue check, which certifies individuals, or thousand dollars for that gold that identifies the organizations and companies. Musk’s ultimatum expired on April 1st. And the first to pay the price is il New York Times.

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However, the newspaper is not the only one to have said no to the subscription for its check. Indeed, the Washington Post and Los Angeles Times also promised the same. And even celebrities like LeBron James they said as much, but so far only the NY Times has lost the tick.

Why? It seems that the reason is incredibly banal. An account that generates memes has published (as Reuters and Repubblica reports in Italy) a scene from Jurassic Park to report that “The NYT does not want to pay for the check. Look, nobody cares.” Musk responded to the tweet saying “Okay, let’s take it off”.

Shortly thereafter, Musk wrote, “The real tragedy for the New York Times is that their propaganda isn’t even interesting.” And the golden tick is gone.

For the moment, therefore, it seems that the tick disappears only to those who annoy Musk for some reason. But when fully operational, it should disappear from all those who do not pay the subscription. So it no longer certifies the officiality of an account, but the fact that he paid Twitter directly.

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