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The Next-Gen Project kicks off to raise awareness of climate change and the gender gap

Start Next-Gen Projectthe educational project created by Codemotiona reference platform for the professional growth of developers and for companies looking for the best IT talent, e Bending Spoonsan international company based in Milan that develops cutting-edge technologies and products for digital.

Born for bridging the gender gap in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), Next-Gen Project si rivolge a oltre 200 female students of secondary schools throughout Italy.

What is Next-Gen Project

Next-Gen Project already involves several institutes Milano, Torino, Rome and Cataniawith the students who will be engaged in deepening the Javascript programming language, useful for create interactive prototypes of innovative services, data visualization projects, software and generative art.

Another objective of the project is the exploration of the most recent potential of coding and machine learning, without neglecting the application of what has been learned to the issue of climate change, developing possible solutions in a creative and aware way of the technology used.

Next-Gen Project, in fact, is inspired above all by 3 of the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations for 2030: quality education, gender equality, fight against climate change.

The training will mainly be divided into two phases, both comprising online workshops and mentoring sessions conducted by Codemotion and Bending Spoons experts: the first in spring, the second from October 2023.

After the two moments, there will be a face-to-face meeting with the Bending Spoons team and a closing event in December. Additionally, Next-Gen Project includes the ability to access online support on Discord.

Some statements

“Analytical thinking, familiarity with coding and the ability to implement creative problem solving processes will guide the labor market of the future, especially for women: in fact, it is expected that by 2030 between 40 and 160 million women in around the world will have to renegotiate their job position by acquiring new digital skills. Like Codemotion, we believe that it is important to start training processes dedicated to young digital and programming enthusiasts right from school, to show them what and how many opportunities the future offers them thanks to technology”, he declared Chiara Russo, CEO and Co-Founder of Codemotion.

“Working on the Next-Gen Project with Bending Spoons gives us the opportunity to collaborate with an Italian and international technological excellence, putting our respective skills at the service of a project that wants to have a real impact on the future of the participants”.

“The solutions to the great problems of the future will have to be increasingly innovative. Climate change, for example, is an unprecedented challenge and this is why we decided to propose it as the theme of the Next-Gen Project: solving problems with creativity, flexibility and transversal knowledge will be the main challenge that professionals tech of tomorrow will face. And it is also a skill that we would like the project participants to acquire, together with digital and technological knowledge,” he commented Massimo Avvisati, Head of EdTech R&D at Codemotion.

“Like Codemotion, Bending Spoons also strongly believes in this project: in addition to sponsoring it with enthusiasm, in fact, it makes video contributions of educational and inspirational value available to female students, including technical content and an interview with an AI Engineer”.

“At Bending Spoons, we recognize the incredible value that women, and more broadly, greater diversity, can bring to the global tech industry. We hope that this small contribution will help the new generation of female students to discover and make their passion for technology and its application to real problems flourish”, he underlined instead Silvia Trebini, Senior Recruiter di Bending Spoons.

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