The next Overwatch 2 event will take place on June 16th

Overwatch 2: il team di sviluppo anticipa alcuni dettagli sul nuovo sistema di ping thumbnail

Blizzard has just announced an upcoming announcement that will be released on June 16th. This follows the conclusion of the first Overwatch 2 PvP beta. In the beta, players were able to get a first look at the new game mechanics, which immediately appeared quite different from the original Overwatch. The sequel has in fact a whole series of changes: the games have been reduced to 5v5, there is a new game mode called Push and a new hero called Soujourn (in addition to other different reworkings). The news was received both with enthusiasm and with criticism from fans.

Overwatch 2: what should we expect from the announcement on June 16

After the beta ended, Blizzard posted a blog post signed by Aaron Kellerdirector of the game, who wanted to thank the fans:

“The Overwatch Team would like to take a moment to express their heartfelt thanks to all the players who took part in our first beta. It was so exciting to see our community playing our game. Your enthusiasm really means a lot to us ”.

At the end of the blog post, Blizzard announced that more information will be revealed on June 16. The company also released an accompanying tweet asking players to “save the date”. It is not known what Blizzard plans to reveal on this date, but at the end of their blog post, they said they would soon reveal information on how to gain access to the next test phase.

Meanwhile, in another piece of news, we had noted that the game could feature a battlepass system.

At the moment, no release date has been announced for Overwatch 2, but it is assumed that the launch will not take place before 2023.