Xiaomi Italia risponde alla sanzione imposta da AGCM thumbnail

The official response of Xiaomi Italia to the sanction imposed by AGCM

Xiaomi Italia responds to the sanction imposed by AGCM thumbnail

Yesterday, AGCM (Competition and Market Authority) has sanctioned Xiaomi Italia, the division that manages the activities of the Chinese group in our country. The penalty is 3.2 million euros and is linked to the assistance policies carried out by Xiaomi Italia in recent years. According to AGCM, Xiaomi has violated current regulations, hindering consumers in an attempt to take advantage of the legal guarantee of compliance. Here is Xiaomi’s response to AGCM’s decision:

Xiaomi Italia’s response after AGCM’s 3.2 million euro fine

A few hours after the AGCM sanctioned the sanction, the company responded with an official statement. Here she is official statement with which Xiaomi Italia has chosen to respond to the AGCM’s decision:

“We have taken note of the decision of the AGCM and we are working on evaluating the reasons for it. We believe that our after-sales services, including the warranty service, are fully compliant with Italian law. We are committed to providing highly satisfactory after-sales service to our customers around the world “

AGCM has sanctioned Xiaomi for various practices adopted by the company in customer assistance services. To deepen the question, we refer to the article published yesterday in which the reasons of AGCM are analyzed, which you can find linked below. Alternatively, you can take a look directly at the Authority website.

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