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The open letter from Sky Li, founder and CEO of realme

Sky Lifounder and CEO of realme, published an open letter entitled “The second phase of realme’s growth: particular attention to long-term growth“. The company is currently preparing to celebrate its fourth anniversary “828 From Festival“, On August 28, 2022. Let’s find out all the details together.

The open letter from Sky Li, the founder and CEO of realme

In the open letter, Sky Li stated that realme is currently moving into hers second phase of growth as a startup. In this next phase of the important journey he plans to perfect his focus on targeted and long-term growth. This means one more attention to the quality of the products and to the market focus.

Over the past four years, realme has experienced rapid growth. In fact it has become the sixth smartphone manufacturer to the world in just three years. Despite the current market uncertainty, realme is confident in its ability to meet the challenges. Sky Li said: “Smartphones have made us more capable than ever, and now the age of IoT is extending these capabilities even further. The road ahead remains bright, even if difficult “.

True to the spirit of “Dare to Leap“, realme therefore continues to offer cutting-edge performance e trendy design at reasonable prices to young people around the world. Thanks to devices that support the 5G technologyrealme became the fastest growing 5G smartphone brand globally in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The company’s goal is to make 5G technology more accessible. To accomplish this goal, realme invests the 90% of its research resources e development in 5G technology. Now, the company wants to go further and spread the potential of 5G across its AIoT product range with the launch of its first 5G tablet. realme Pad X.

Entering the second phase of growth, realme will adhere to the “Market Cultivation” strategy. This means greater attention to product quality and local market strategy, as Sky Li states in the open letter. With regard to this, realme will specifically focus on its two markets from 10 million shipmentswhile working to build a core of fifteen markets with 1 million shipments worldwide in three years.

As part of the “Simply Better” product strategy, realme’s R&D investments will increase by 58% compared to the previous year. Furthermore, particular attention will be paid totechnological innovation. The Serie Number it will become the line of essential products, which pack indispensable technology in an elegant casing at an affordable price.

realme firmly believes that all the difficulties the global market is facing are temporary e will pass. The spirit of him “Dare to Leap” will continue to give strength to the development of the brand. For more information you can consult the official site.

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