The Oppo Reno 10 5G review, a flamboyant style

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A smartphone that shines in the sun – but also shines in everyday use? We tested the new Oppo Reno 10 5Ga complete smartphone that didn’t let us down during tests for this one review. A beautiful screen, great autonomy and fast charging. But with the price of 499.99 euros, the competition is huge and excellent. We therefore help you to understand if this device, with a flamboyant character, is for you or not.

Our Oppo Reno 10 5G review

We are fans of Oppo’s Reno series. Above all because, accustomed to testing many smartphones every year, finding originality in the mid-range is not easy. But the Reno family succeeds, with innovative designs like that of the Reno 7, with the style and performance of the Reno 8.

With this series, Oppo always manages to surprise us a little, so we were eager to test the newcomers: Oppo Reno 10 and Oppo Reno 10 Pro. Which are very different models. The Pro model costs 649.99 euros, with different cameras, Snapdragon processor, smaller battery but faster charging. In short, they are very different devices: if you are deciding whether to buy a smartphone on offer in the shop or online, check which model it is.

However, both smartphones in the line have a really cool design in common. A brilliant product, at least in appearance. But which falls perfectly within the performance and characteristics typical of a mid-range product.

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A brilliant design

As usual, the Oppo smartphone package contains the device but also a 67W charger and a USB-A / USB-C cable for charging. And Oppo has also thought about bringing some flamboyant tones to the packaging too, to prepare us for the brilliant smartphone inside.

The back of the smartphone is eye-catching, no question about it. The Ice Blue finish of the model we tested plays with light, with lots of interesting reflections. Especially under the sun, when this smartphone seems to constantly change color. All with a matte finish, which does not retain fingerprints.

oppo reno 10 review

On the back you find an oval space for the triple rear camera, which again stands out from the competition. The metal finish, the large circle of the main sensor and the semi-moon of the telephoto and macro have character.

The metal edge is also elegant, which features both the power and volume keys on the right side. At the bottom we find both the USB-C input and the port for the SIM card, in addition to the speakers (which we find, smaller, also in the upper part of the screen for the stereo effect).

The device weighs only 185 grams. In addition, it is quite thin with a thickness of 7.99mm. Also, it seems to us that the slightly curving display adds to the “premium” feel of this smartphone. Which sits very well in the hand and seems very well built, durable.

Quality displays

Although it proved to be very manageable during the tests of our review, Oppo Reno 10 5G has a decidedly important screen. It measures 6.7 inches, much taller than it is long, and also curves around the sides to offer a 93% screen-to-body ratio. And we have to admit it: we really, really like it.

oppo reno 10 5g review

The AMOLED display offers splendid color reproduction, especially with the “Vivid” rendering (the default one. And deep blacks, with excellent contrast when watching videos and series on the 2412×1080 FHD+ screen (density from 394 PPI).

Il refresh rate can range from 60 up to 120Hz, with good performance even during the game phases or the fastest transitions. Hardcore gamers may notice the difference with the refresh rate of some products designed for gaming, but the Oppo Reno 10’s screen does more than necessary for the vast majority of users.

Under the screen you will also find the fingerprint sensor, which has always seemed quick and snappy to us.

Good performance in daily use

Oppo has decided to equip its smartphone with a chip MediaTek Dimensity 7050, flanked by 8GB of RAM and 128 or 256GB of memory – both, however, not of the latest generation. So we are not talking about a product comparable to the top of the range in terms of pure performance, as the benchmarks also demonstrate. But for those who don’t play at a professional level or almost, does it change anything?

performance oppo reno 10 5g review min

The answer is no – at least for now. Android 13, in its ColorOS 13.1 version (which we already updated once during our tests) runs quite well, without any kind of slowdown. And for the next two or three years, it seems unlikely to us that you will have any problemsi in multitasking or playing even the latest games (we tried Mario Kart and Genshin Impact). We would have preferred faster memory, but the chip should suffice for the vast majority of users.

ColorOS 13.1 performed quite well during our tests. Features like Split Screen or Flexible Windows they’re more comfortable on the big screen than the Oppo Pad 2 (which we loved and which offers several integrations with Oppo smartphones). But they work fine here too, even if they don’t work with all apps. We didn’t use it much Smart Sidebar because we’re not used to it, but we really like the ability to call up some functions without leaving the app you’re using.

But we can only point out the huge amount of pre-installed applications. Some useful for many users, such as Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, Spotify (even if we prefer to choose them independently). But there are tons of games and apps that we wish we didn’t find on the homepage of the newly launched phone.

Oppo Reno 10 5G review, discreet and flexible camera

Oppo presented the Reno 10 family as the definitive smartphones when it comes to portraits, with a dedicated telephoto next to the main sensor. But in the basic version it has chosen, as we could expect, less “noble” sensors than the model. Even if the result is not sorry at all.

oppo reno 10 camera review

Let’s find a 64MP main sensor, a 32MP telephoto and an 8MP ultrawide on the back, while in front there is an interesting sensore da 32MP per i selfie.

The rear camera captures images with realistic colors and rich in detail, demonstrating the good work done by Oppo also on the software side. However some slightly more complex shots, for example framing vegetation with the sun starting to set, show some uncertainties in defining the contours of the leaves well. In general, it seems to us that the images are a little less sharp than we would like.

The sensor from 32MP telephoto seems to us to capture shots well in the x2 optical zoom, a rarity in this price range. But on the edges of the image we see less sharp details. It seems to do a better job of putting subjects in the center, such as in portrait mode. We haven’t included shots taken of other people for privacy, but we can tell you that the software manages to recognize faces and focus on them very quickly in Portrait mode (even those of people in posters or photographs). In general, we like how it plays with focus, blurring the background well for bokeh effects that we usually only see in more expensive cameras. But perhaps we would still have preferred a more performing main sensor than the good telephoto. The 8MP ultrawide drops a lot in quality and you won’t use it much.

Well the 32MP selfie camera, that captures the details well. Here too, the Portrait mode puts your face in sharp focus and allows you to express yourself creatively even in selfies.

The rear camera records in 4K at 30fps, with good stabilization (although not enough if you’re walking, for example). There fotocamera selfie gira a 1080p a 30 fps.


Battery and charging

Oppo has equipped the Reno 10 5G with a battery of 5000mAh which has been able to perform very well during the tests of our review. Impossible to fully discharge it in one day, except by using battery stress test. Realistically, you can get there halfway through the next day without too much trouble – if you don’t lift your smartphone too much while working, even more. We were impressed by the battery management when we are away from the device: we spent a weekend away from the Oppo Reno 10 (while testing another smartphone) and returned without more than a few percentage points being discharged.

oppo reno 10 5g recharge review

But when you download, fear not: the 67W charger included in the price, with SuperVOOC charging, does its job great. A quarter of an hour of charging gives you enough battery to finish the day. With average use (recharging when you reach 15-20% battery) you can get all the energy you need to face a day or more in half an hour.

Oppo Reno 10 5G review, is it worth buying?

Oppo continues to do well with the Reno line. This smartphone has an interesting style, performance to match and pretty good photographs. With a great screen and a really top battery and charging mix. The problem is not Oppo Reno 10 5G, the problem is the competition.

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