Il Registro delle opposizioni non ferma il telemarketing e le chiamate spam dei call center thumbnail

The opposition register does not stop telemarketing and spam calls

Made the law, found the deception. That of Public register of oppositions it seemed like a concrete solution to stop the rampant phenomenon of spam calls and aggressive telemarketing. Apparently, however, at the beginning of this 2023, not all subscribers have solved the problem. Indeed, there are about twenty thousand reports of users who continue to receive unwanted calls.

Apparently the register of oppositions it is not effective when calling from call centers located outside the European Unionwith numbers often difficult to trace as they are deliberately obscured.

So what is the solution? We can expect that the problem will be easily resolved as soon as we go from the end of January, when telemarketing operators will be forced by law to sign very restrictive commitments. Among these is the categorical ban on using call centers that violate privacy laws.

How to register in the public register of oppositions

Registration in the register of oppositions, free, can take place in four ways. Via the Internet (by filling out a form at this link), by telephone (by calling the toll-free number 800265265), by registered mail or by email, by sending the form to [email protected].

We remind you that a maximum of 30 days are required for the service to block unwanted calls. After this time it is possible to send complaints to the Guarantor through three channels:

  • By fax to the number 06.69677.3785;
  • By e-mail to [email protected] or, only for certified emails, to [email protected];
  • Registered letter addressed to the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, Piazza Venezia, 11 – 00187 Rome.
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