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The Pac-Man World Re-Pac review: a fun leap into the past

In the past few days we have had the opportunity to try Pac-Man World Re-Pac and we’re finally ready to tell you what we think with this one review. Our test took place on PlayStation 4.

Pac-Man World Re-Pac Review: New Look, Same Emotions

It is time for great returns: this time it is our beloved’s turn Pac-Man, which is shown to its audience in a more colorful and lively guise. The plot of Pac-Man World Re-Pac, a remake of the famous 1999 platformer, is quite simple but effective.

Pac-Man’s family was kidnapped by a ugly and bad enemy and it will be up to us travel through various worlds to save everyone. Within the title there are various worlds to which it is possible to travel through a system similar to the one present in Crash Bandicoot.

The most striking changes that immediately catch your eye are obviously of a graphic nature. The graphic sector he’s great and our Pac-Man is in better shape than ever. He is resplendent, smiling and ready to take out damn ghosts who want to put sticks in his paws. The same goes for the settings and, above all, the enemies they turn out to be much more disturbing – obviously not too much so as not to scare anyone – e more detailed.

The levels

Your goal is pretty simple: reach the end of a level and, of course, avoid dying. During the level they are present vari checkpoint which will allow you to recover from a certain point in the event of a violent death; in addition you also have the option of open secret passages, mazes and find other items that will give you a extra score at the end of the level. Each level is in fact equipped with objects to collect.

You will find the famous fruits of the original arcade game, which are the most important items you need to pay attention to. These in fact will serve you as keys to open various doors scattered around the level. Most of these doors are locked when you reach them, but the necessary fruits are always there quite close so exploration will be minimized.

In fact, it will often happen that you proceed forward, in the next section, find your fruit and immediately go back. These doors will contain objects of various types – you can find them extra healtha slice of life, buttons which will allow you to reach another area of the level and also letters that will help you to form the word Pac-Man.

Finally there will also be the porte in the galaxy which will allow you to unlock a arcade-style maze bonus level, aspect that we loved immensely. Each world, on the other hand, also contains a key that allows you to free family members captured so pay attention to your surroundings and do what you can to find those keys.

The adventure lasts for about six hoursobviously depending on how long it will take you to finish a level or a boss fight, and is made up of six worlds. Instead, each world is composed of three levels and a boss fight finale.

Despite being a remake, Bandai Namco still decided to add some interesting details e you revolutionize a little bit about the whole adventure.

Fear, ghosts: super Pac-Man arrives

Pac Man World Re Pac recensione tech princess

The main novelty concerns the attack: Pac-Man can in fact attack in various ways. It can attack at a distancethrowing the balls collected during the level at the enemies or he can simply jump on them giving himself a slight momentum – kind of like Crash Bandicoot does.

These moves work against normal enemies, but what to do when they meet fearsome ghosts? Don’t worry why Pac-Man World Re-Pac Offers us three power ups interesting and unique. In case you find yourself surrounded by the famous ghosts, Pac-Man can take advantage of the Power Pelletwhich will allow him to become a huge devouring ball. At that point nothing and no one can stop it – except time.

The effect is indeed temporary So eat all the ghosts before time runs out, friends.

Pac-Man can also take advantage of the Metal PAC-MANwhich is an enhancement that turns it into one steel ball able to walk underwater. Thanks to it, Pac-Man can also avoid being eaten by sea monsters. Finally we have the Bomb Attack which allows us to blow up all the enemies around us with a simple super jump.

As for the gameplay, the title it puts us in difficulty as we move forwardparticularly when we have to use multiple skills together. There are some sections of the video game that in fact require the use of all Pac-Man abilities. You will therefore need to be careful and choose your next move carefully – perhaps not too cautiously because behind you there is a spider ready to jump on you.

The first levels of the title turn out simple e introductory: we will find in fact various signs/tutorial who will explain the various moves, how to move and everything will be too simple for us. Later, however, the mini tutorials that kept us company at the beginning will vanish and it will be up to us to decide how to proceed.

The Pac-Man World Re-Pac review: in conclusion

Pac Man World Re pac tech princess

Pac-Man World Re-Pac he managed to entertain and entertain us and the whole design, improved and fixed, made our experience even more intense. This adventure with our Pac-Man was fun e Interesting. We enjoyed the constant increase in difficulty during the various levels: it has indeed tested but never in difficulty.

We also appreciated every single detailin particular the boss fightcaptivating and exciting, and thewhole nostalgic atmosphere that you breathe from the first minutes of the game. Certainly Pac-Man will prove to be one wonderful surprise for those who have played with our adorable protagonist from an early age. However, we are confident that it will also be able to attract the attention of newcomers.

In all this we found only one tiny flaw: the sound sector. We liked it, he is very cheerful and personable. The problem is that in the same level the game always repeated the same song which, after a while, was starting to annoy us a little. We noticed the game it doesn’t offer much musical variety but, frankly, it is a detail almost irrelevant which certainly won’t ruin your adventure.

Pac-Man World Re-Pac, now available on console e PCis the adventure we need at the moment: light, lively, allegrain short, stile Pac-Man. Now go and destroy those ghosts, save your family! For more information on the title you can consult the official site.

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