The paper house review: Korea – a new hit

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C asa di carta: Korea, is the new TV series in Korean style and genre, which is conquering a good part of the international audience through Netflix, based on the first TV series of the Spanish paper house

ORIGINAL TITLE: House of Paper: Common Economic Zone; Jong-i-ui jip: Gongdonggyeongjegu-yeok. GENDER: Giallo. COUNTRY: Korean. REGIA: Kim Hong-sun. CAST: Jeon Jong-seo, Park Hae-soo, Lee Hyun-woo, Lee Si-woo, Yoo Ji-tae, Kim Ji-hoon, Yunjin Kim, Lee Joo-bin, Jang Yoon-ju, Park Myung-hoon, Lee Kyu Ho, Kim Sung-oh, Lee Won-jong, Jang Hyeon-seong. DURATION: 1 season. PRODUCTION: BH Entertainment, Zium Content. EXIT: June 24, 2022.

The paper house: Korea is a series based on the first draft of the Spanish paper house. The timeline between the paper house: korea and the original version is very similar in some ways in the story, only changing some small details that slightly change the narrative arc of the series.

For example, a political inspiration. The premise of the series is the end of the war between North Korea and South Korea, as a result of which several inhabitants of the North emigrate to the south. This gives life to one of the most loved protagonists by the public, namely: Tokyo.

The red thread, however, always remains the same, in both series, namely that of rob the state mint. For a sum of 4 thousand billion won. Not only because the professor and the gang are hardened criminals but also because North Korea, after opening the economic doors to South Korea, made sure that only the rich could be enriched more and more, while all the other ordinary citizens who they could have benefited from it, hoping to be able to free themselves from the oppression of poverty, they have achieved nothing.

So the professor and his team claim exactly what they were entitled to from the start. Or rather, what he deserves plus a little extra.

The trailer | Paper house review: Korea

Now available on Netflix the new TV series of the paper house: Korea, of which we offer you the review today.

Plot of the tv series | Paper house review: Korea

The plot of The Paper House: Korea, is similar to the original Spanish one: a mysterious criminal mastermind, known by all as the professor, hires a skilled team of thieves and scammers to land the most unprecedented and original blow. never existed.

The team the professor needs is made up of eight people, which are: the formidable and unstoppable Tokyo, co-star and narrator of the series. Berlin, what turns out to be the professor’s brother, a mad, sick, escaped from a prison pretending to be dead and a brilliant trafficker in smuggling and jewels. Rio, K-pop idol, tech-savvy, inveterate hacker. Denver, the village idiot, known for being good at clandestine fighting, recruited into the gang thanks to his father, Moscow, another member of the group a miner, expert in excavations. Nairobi, a chronic liar, forgery wizard, anything said by that woman is a mere lie. And finally the brothers Helsinki and Oslo, two huge men, serial criminals. If you have a feeling of deja vu, you are not wrong.

The paper house review: Korea - a new hit


The paper house: Korea, has not really reached a formidable peak of success, nor of originality. Of course, no one expected that it could reach the same peak of success as the Spanish one, but it could be done much better than a slavish copy. The moments in which he separates from his “parent”, in a splatter-like vein, which may perhaps be out of place, since the series is not really about blood and killings but rather about scams and robberies. What is not lacking is that pinch (handful, better to say) of romance that can be appreciated. In any case, the series is talked about, and in any case it manages not to seem a mere replica of the original, which is not bad.

Points in favor

  • – Similarity to the original series;
  • – Loyalty to the main characters;

Points against

  • – At times unusual and extravagant;
  • – They could have done better with masks.

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