Nasce la partnership tra Mastercard e Xsolla, per pagamenti sicuri e soluzioni digitali vantaggiose thumbnail

The partnership between Mastercard and Xsolla is born, for secure payments and advantageous digital solutions

Mastercard e Xsolla have formed a new collaboration to facilitate secure payments and advantageous digital solutions for players, proof of when gamification is becoming an increasingly important branch on which to focus its attention.

What Mastercard and Xsolla are working on

This partnership is intended to combine Mastercard’s technology, network expertise, global scale and trusted connections with Xsolla. The solutions thought are innovative and no more cards and accounts for improve the user digital experience.

In addition, Mastercard cardholders will be able to use Pay with Points to redeem loyalty points and use them for in-game purchases. This solution will also be absorbed into the product Pay Station by Xsolla.

Among other innovations we point out the opportunity to gift in-game currencies to friends and familybut also one greater consumer protection, using authentication and fraud detection capabilities. This last point is essential so that parents can exercise control before their children make purchases without their permission.

Mastercard research on the gifting process

It might seem trivial in the eyes of those who don’t play games, but one of the sore points in the gaming world is precisely the purchase of in-game currencies and the purchase of the games themselves.

In fact, although technological innovations in the videogame field are undisputed, very often this fundamental step is not taken into account, leading over 40% of consumers to ask for help and 30% to complain about excessive steps to make online game purchases.

From a Mastercard search on the giftingFurthermore, it has been found that almost 30% of users say that the process could be more efficient. For this reason, the partnership with a world leader in the trade of video games like Xsolla is more than propitious.

Xsolla is also expanding its Digital Distribution Hub to the global telecommunications industry and its 7.3 billion mobile phone users, as well as a new model pay-as-you-go.

“In Xsolla – declared the Presidente Chris Hewish – we are excited about the potential opportunities offered by cloud gaming. Our vision is to make gaming more widely available, to get games into the hands of more players, to make them more accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere through the cloud.

“We are committed to supporting developers. We make it easier for them to reach audiences by bringing together the streaming technology behind their games and empowering them to create immersive, branded online experiences for gamers around the world.”

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