The Pixel 6a’s name is leaked in a coloring book

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A coloring book produced by Google may have made the first ever mention of the new Pixel 6a. This is the book sent together with a Nest Audio smart speaker to members of the Pixel Superfans group, created to guarantee “a VIP experience for Pixel lovers”. Access to “limited edition gadgets” included. In any case, what interests us is that the book contains a variety of black and white sketches of Google devices, including phones, smart displays and security cameras. And in the summary you will find the indication of the “Pixel 6a”, even then actually no image appears inside.

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Pixel 6a: Google makes the first mention of it in a coloring book

The name of the Pixel 6a would have been revealed for the first time by Google in a coloring book reserved for some avid lovers of the smartphone series. A rather unusual “place” for the announcement of a novelty by the technological giant. We could therefore think that it is a mere typo, even if rumors about the characteristics of the new smartphone have already begun to leak on the Net. Therefore, it is likely that a Pixel 6a is indeed coming to market, especially considering that all previous models – Pixel 3, 4, 5 – have been followed by more affordable models of the A series.

Indeed, at this point we can also share some details with you about the new Google smartphone. As it turns out, this will have a very similar design to that of the Pixel 6, though in small size. It will also use the same Google Tensor processor, but it will have a 12.2MP main camera. A rather lower resolution than the 50 MP sensor of the 6. Furthermore, there would not seem to be any details that make us think of the presence of a headphone jack. And we regret this a bit, given that it has always been a hallmark of Serie A. For the moment, however, nothing is certain. Or maybe yes, given that Google has let slip the name of the next smartphone to be released. Ready to try it?

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