The Pixel Watch has no display “burn-in” issues

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In recent days, users of Pixel Watch they complained about a problem “Burn-in” to the screen. And in a short time Google denied the question, specifying that it is only about image retention. But let’s try to understand what really happened to the wearable of the technological giant.

Pixel Watch: the “burn-in” to the display denied by Google

“In my case, the ‘burn-in’ impacted a Pixel Watch (Bluetooth / Wi-Fi) in use for five days – Wednesday to Monday – with the always-on display (AOD) enabled for at least 12 hours. per day”. So says one of the editors of 9to5Google. And he points out that the problem disappears after approx 30 minutes salt’AOD is offper then reappear as soon as the watch face is displayed. A problem that has been reported by quite a few users on the Net. According to what reported by Google, however, the Pixel Watch does not have a ‘burn-in’ problem on the display, as much as a temporary one of image retention. This means that it will disappear over time, even if “the more it is on the screen, the longer it will take to go away”.

Pixel Watch burn inCredits: 9to5Google

Despite this, users have reported the problem several times. So the tech giant clarified the matter. “What you see is image retention. It is a non-permanent issue affecting OLED displays. It is not a precursor to burn-in and should not be confused with burn-in. The image retention will go away, but the more time it is on the screen, the longer it will take to go away. Google Pixel Watch uses a software algorithm to change the brightness of illuminated pixels every minute to reduce the possibility of image retention. This prolongs the time before image retention is displayed and shortens the time it takes for the image to disappear. If users experience it, it will disappear over time, but users can also turn off AOD and / or use ‘In bed’ mode to sleep so that the screen stays off overnight. ”