The Play Store will show reviews based on the device you are using

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The Google Play Store becomes more and more precise with the aim of offering users detailed information on the functioning of the applications available to users. As already announced in the past, now The Play Store shows app reviews by device in use by the user.

The Play Store displays app reviews for your device

With the new system, app reviews displayed by the Google Play Store will be based on the type of device the user is using. In this way, it will be possible check the ratings of users of an app in a more specific way.

For example, let’s say we want to check how an application behaves on a tablet. By logging into the Play Store with an Android tablet, the system will recognize the device and show reviews from users who have used the app in question on a tablet. At the moment, the system is not yet 100% accurate.

For example, foldable tablets and smartphones are included in the same category despite the obvious differences. Note that the Play Store allows you to manually filter the reviews of an app based on the model in use. With these new features, Google aims to make the app review system even more effective.