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After official presentation a few days agoit’s time for the full review of POCO X6 Pro. We tested this new model from the brand with curiosity and we must say (as you can already guess from the title and link of this piece) that we were very satisfied. This is a product that really delivers “value for money“, capable of really gaining ground in its price range. Let’s analyze it together step by step.

The POCO X6 Pro review, from first impressions to startup

As mentioned above, the mission of this brand is precisely that of move the bar of the so-called mid-range. This translates into bringing products to market that deliver performance at a level higher than that typically associated with their price point. For this review we tried the POCO X6 Pro 5Gin its 12GB+512GB configuration, the top model of the new series, currently available at early bird price of €379.90.

A fact that must be made clear right away to be able to better frame this product. In fact, right from the start we have the sensation of having in our hands a smartphone with much greater potential than what we are used to in the same price range. In short, POCO’s promise is kept.

Inside the package we can find, in addition to the smartphone, a protective rubber cover and the charger for the phone 67W fast charging. All the basic accessories to set off, as is often (but not always) customary.

Once picked up, the POCO X6 Pro turns out very comfortable to hold, even without having gigantic hands. You may not like the choice to place the volume and power keys on the same side, but they remain anyway all easily accessible. On the back, the cameras are pigeonholed into a relief of considerable dimensions: the impression is that it is a trade-off between design and practicality, which all things considered we can ignore.

Fluidity, audio and video quality and comfort

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Inserted the SIM (in the drawer we have space for two physical cards, with one Dual SIM connectivity, dual standby: 5G +5G), we can go. The setup process is quite traditional and we quickly find ourselves launching our new smartphone. It is also worth spending a few extra minutes to select and possibly uninstall applications already installed at launch, perhaps too numerous.

When we finally find ourselves dealing with the POCO X6 Pro, we are immediately struck by the fluidity with which everything runs. The 8300-Ultra chipset does its job more than worthily, without giving any frame drops. We purposely tried to put him in difficulty with some applications and games that required more effort, but we couldn’t bend it. Not only that, but we also found that the new cooling system works perfectly. No more hot shells after a few minutes of play, even without a cover.

An aspect that is perhaps not fundamental, at a time when headphones (wireless or otherwise) are increasingly widespread but which is worth considering is that of audio. The POCO X6 Pro features a dual speaker system that gives excellent power and quality of sound that comes out of the telephone speakers. A good addition for those who usually exploit this possibility.

Then combined with the nuovo display AMOLED CrystalRes Flow, we have a truly more than satisfactory audio/video experience available. Whether you want to watch a video on YouTube, a show on Netflix (not surprisingly among the apps already installed) or launch into an exciting gaming session, the POCO can easily hold its own with top-of-the-range products.

The POCO X6 Pro also defends itself very well in the photographic sector

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Often one of the factors that distinguish smartphone bands is the camera. This is a complex area, where it is easy for the price to rise as the value offered increases. In this case the POCO X6 Pro is less surprising, but still appreciable. As we can see from the card, we have a 64MP main camera, an 8MP wide-angle and a 2MP macro, combined with a 16MP front one.

Figures that they don’t break through the wall of expectations but which, combined with good software support, allow you to obtain good results, as you can see from the gallery below. Remaining in the perspective of price ranges, we can say that we are in the upper area of ​​the medium range. A result more than acceptable so.

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One of the new features of this smartphone, requested by the solid POCO community, is the moving the fingerprint sensor which from the side passes to under the screen. Not only does it respond perfectly to this new location, but we were also able to see how the other identification tool offered, namely the Face IDis extraordinarily effective and comfortable.

We then end on a high note with the drums. 5,000 mAh optimized in a truly effective way, so much so that it’s absolutely capable of getting through the day with good use. And when the energy runs out the fast charging system works perfectly, bringing us back to 100% in about 40 minutes (timed). In short, we certainly can’t complain.

POCO X6 Pro is really a great product for its price

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During the presentation of the new features for 2024, we had the opportunity to speak with Andrea Crocianibrand manager of POCO for Italy, reflecting on the mission of this brand which told us about the new products:

“POCO with the X series, i.e. X6 Pro and X6, wants to raise the standards of what the midrange is. Therefore, a product especially for those who demand important performance, but want to spend the right amount for a smartphone. Which in fact can last two-three years but must have all those useful and necessary things for that type of target: those who buy online and above all want performance.

M6 Pro [altra grande novità di POCO del 2024 n.d.R.] for its part, with the M series it raises the bar of what is the entry level. It has an accessible price, but at the same time it has the features that our competitors basically have in the midrange. Every year POCO shifts the standard.”

These words so they sum it up perfectly the impression we had in our use of the POCO X6 Pro 5G and therefore our review. A model that offers a a mid-range price (even more so with the early bird offer) performances that are of a upper level.

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