The Pokémon invade the Rinascente Flagship store in Milan

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The phenomenon of Pokémon is about to return: the November 18 new video games will be released Scarlet Pokémon e Violet Pokémonexclusively on the Nintendo Switch console family. In the meantime, fans can embark on a really interesting adventure: up to 10 October the Pokémon invade the Flagship Store of the Rinascente in Milan. There will therefore be many news, interesting initiatives and much more.

The Pokémon arrive at the Rinascente in Milan

With a branded space of 150 square meters in the Air Snake arena on the first floor, the Pokémon invade Rinascente in Piazza Duomo, Milan, to offer their fans many incredible news. Furthermore until 3 October Even the eight showcases di Rinascente will be occupied by Pokémon, with the exposure of three of its fundamental pillars: i Nintendo video gamesil Trading Card Game (GCC) and various licensed products.

Within the immersive pop-up on the -1 floor of Rinascente it will be possible to purchase various Pokémon products. Among them we find the clothing capsule collection Pokémon X DLYNR, toys but also video games and Trading Card Game. In the area dedicated to the Nintendo video game it will also be possible to find game stations on which to try the latest video game of the series, Laying Pokémon: Arceus. There will also be a special exhibition dedicated to the videogame universe of Pokémon.

Con Scarlet Pokémon e Violet Pokémon, the Pokémon series evolves in a whole new way. Players will have the opportunity to freely explore a rich and vast world. The Coaches they will be able to live their own adventure by moving to their liking among three exciting stories in the immense land of Paldea and challenging the Gyms in the order they wish.

Once enrolled in theOrange Academy or inGrape AcademyDepending on the game version, players will be able to meet many new ones Pokémonincluding i Legendary rideable Koraidon e Miraidon.. Video games will officially debut on November 18, 2022 on console Nintendo Switch. For more information you can consult the official site.