La Pokémon TV App sbarca su Nintendo Switch, pronti a rivedere l'anime? thumbnail

The Pokémon TV App lands on Nintendo Switch, ready to review the anime?

The Pokémon TV App has finally landed on the virtual store of Nintendo Switch, to the delight of all owners of the Japanese hybrid console. The application in question allows you to see, in a legal and free way, many episodes of the Pokémon anime, several complete seasons and animated specials.

The Pokémon Brand makes no signs of stopping, and is now a cornerstone of pop culture. Between anime, video games e collectible cards, the world is more than ever enraptured by the charm of pocket monsters. The enthusiasm of fans for the release of the Pokémon TV App on the Nintendo Switch is yet another proof of this.

The Pokémon TV App lands on Nintendo Switch

The Pokémon TV was born in 2010, more than 10 years ago, on the official website of the brand. In 2013 it then landed on mobile devices, reaching smartphones and tablets Android ed iOS. However, a version directly compatible with the current Nintendo console, the Switch, was still missing.

Although the Switch eShop is full of games to download, from the point of view of media applications it is still very lacking. YouTube is present, but Netflix ed Amazon Prime Video, for example, they are still absent, unless you illegally modify the console software.

Considering the indissoluble link between Nintendo Switch and the Pokémon brand, it is surprising that the application in question has not reached the console for some time. This addition will certainly delight young and old alike, who will enjoy watching the adventures of Ash and all the protagonists who have been close to him since the release of the first animated series.

Ash, his best friends, the Rocket team, Pikachu and an avalanche of Legendary Pokémon they are about to return, once again. What do you think, will you take advantage of it for a rewatch of your favorite episodes? Let us know in the comments.

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