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The Power Of Magic – Honor Magic4 Pro protagonist of the evening in Milan

Honor Italy launched the new flagship Honor Magic4 Pro, an innovative device with unprecedented features. Let’s find out more details that saw the event’s godmother Alessandra Mastronardi.

Honor Magic4 Pro

Honor Magic4 Pro was the protagonist, Thursday 26 May, in the suggestive setting of Carlo al Navigliothe new restaurant of the Chef Cracco and the Venetian businessman Dino Discouraging.

The event was an opportunity to present to all those present the innovations and important objectives achieved by the brand in the last period. It was to open the dance Alessandra Mastronardiwhich has become the spokesperson for the new philosophy of the brand, under the banner of The Power of Magic. The photographer was also among the guests of the evening Nima Benati, Luca Macellari Palmieri, Greece Daniilidis and the director Sidney Sibilla.

During the evening, Honor invited guests to watch the short film Kaleidoscope, signed by the internationally renowned photographer and director Eugenio Requenco and shot entirely with the new device. And then again, Honor announced the collaboration with the Industry Relations department of NABA – La Nuova academy of fine arts in Milan.

The statements

“It is thanks to the smartphone that we can create our stories, our stories, our magic. The mobile phone is a great storytelling tool and the camera lens can actually replace our eye, filtering everything we see “he says. Alessandra Mastronardi. “What Honor is making available to us today is a very high-tech tool capable of images and videos that are as refined as a movie camera. It’s the power of Magic! “

The stage saw guests as well Stefano Guindani, an award-winning Italian photographer known throughout the world. “With this new series, Honor takes important steps forward even with advanced photography during video recording. Based on the dual-chain computational photography and videography algorithm, Honor Magic4 Pro can capture truly high quality images while recording video, without the opposition of any limitations as is common in other smartphones ”.

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