The problems for iOS 16 continue: there are bugs

Apple rilascia iOS 16.2, le novità dell'aggiornamento thumbnail

Since the first release, iOS 16 has recorded quite a few problems with many bugs affecting Apple devices. The various updates have not solved all the problems with the operating system which continues to have to deal with bugs of all kinds.

iOS 16 is still plagued by many bugs

The best picture of the situation is a MacRumors report that highlights how a large number of users still have to deal with iOS 16 bugs. The problems highlighted by users are of various types and affect various sectors of the iPhone software.

It should also be noted that the release of version 16.2 in December did not improve things. In fact, user testimonials are multiplying. There are still a lot of problems with Apple’s software and the company doesn’t seem to be able to squash all the bugs.

Compared to the past and the excellent optimization of previous versions of iOS, with iOS 16, in factbugs would seem to be the order of the day with significant problems for users who rely on Apple to “rest easy” on this front.

At the moment, Apple has not communicated precise plans for the future of its operating system. Certainly, in any case, over the next few weeks new updates will come that they could try to make things better. On the way, as you can read below, there are also several new features.