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The Quarry, teen-horror narrative game available

2K e Supermassive Games announce The Quarry, a new game full of twists and turns of the teen-horror genre. Created by Supermassive Games and the Until Dawn teamthe game comes from today on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One e Windows PC via Steam.

The Quarry, the new teen-horror game available today

The Quarry follows a group of nine teenagers at a summer camp. But on the very last day, they get stuck at Hackett Quarry. The following is an original horror but with a taste for classic horror that never gets old.

The American cast is nothing short of exceptional, especially for those who love horror. Indeed we find David Arquette
from the “Scream” franchise, Ariel Winter in “Modern Family”, Justice Smith of “Jurassic World”, Brenda Song from “Dollface”. And then Lance Henriksen of “Aliens”, Lin Shaye di “Insidious”, Ted Raimi from “Creepshow” and Xena.

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You can put yourself in the shoes of each of the new animators of the field. And you will follow a cinematic story, in which each decision shapes the plot made by one intricate web of possibilities. Each character can be the protagonist or die before dawn.

In fact, you will be the one to choose whether to investigate the suspicious noise in the woods or ignore it, help your friends or run away to save yourself. All with real actors acting through the facescana Hollywood lighting and a heart-pounding rhythm.

You can also play with up to seven friends online, deciding together what to do. There difficulty is also adjustable to allow you to customize the experience. But you can also use the movie mode to enjoy the experience like a real thriller.

You can find more information on the official website of the game. Ready for a horror adventure?

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