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The Razer Nommo V2 Pro review: Nearly perfect spatial audio speakers

Whether it’s to better enjoy the soundtrack, hear the footsteps of enemies or hear their agonized screams once defeated, the sound sector has a very great importance in video games. No matter how hard the developers try, it is impossible to fully enjoy its quality without a worthy sound system. Razer seems to want to become more and more one with the “quality” factor and once again wants to raise the bar on the performance of its speakers. After having delighted us a few years ago with the Nommo speakers, now Razer comes with the new version of the Razer Nommo V2 Pro complete with subwoofer and spatial audio and this is their review!

Razer Nommo V2 Line + Subwoofer speaker review

This new version of the Nommo V2 Pro sets itself the goal of surpass, in quality and design, the already excellent Nommo and has the best technology of recent years on its side. THX Spatial Audio, a wireless subwoofer, a custom 10-band EQ, and more! All gathered in the now iconic Razer design elegant and of course, complete with RGB lights.

But let’s start in order!


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The Nommo V2 Pro is a set of speakers consisting of two speakers and a subwoofer that can be connected to the PC, the PlayStation 5 (or 4) and even the Nintendo Switch (via Bluetooth). The speakers are made of high quality materials and have important dimensions (130 mm x 184 mm x 181 mm) without being bulky. I am characterized by a color total black satin that leaves no fingerprints, able to adapt to any desk. In the front we obviously find the actual audio output box while in the back there is an opaque semi-circle (also plastic) which houses the RGB lights that will be “projected” on the back.

The Subwoofer box maintains the same style and design of the speakers. He too has compact dimensions (265 mm x 300.5 mm x 265 mm ) especially if we consider performance and audio quality (which we will explore later in the review). Give up the RGB lights but keep the total black design and the Razer logo on the top. It is a Downward-facing subwoofer to deliver rich and powerful bass as well as being completely wireless.

Included in the package we find all the power and connection cables to the PC / Console and also the Razer Wireless Control Pod. It is a speaker control knob, volume management and wireless equalizer that we will explore in the next paragraph dedicated to…


Razer Nommo V2 Pro review

And it is precisely here that the magic of the Razer Nommo V2 Pro speakers explodes speaker capable of supporting THX spatial audio technology which results in a more immersive 360° audio experience (literally). This technology (exclusive for PC use) was reserved only for the most prestigious gaming headsets and for the first time, Razer has also managed to apply it on the Razer Nommo V2 Pro. Added to this is all the quality materials and technological innovation such as the two powerful 3″ full range drivers which return a clear and faithful reproduction of the original. These are also accompanied by aluminum phase tips which minimize sound reflections. We find the same attention to performance for the subwoofer that boasts a 5.5″ driver that returns rich and powerful bass.

To the two main “bodies”, we add, as anticipated, the Razer Wireless Control Pod to control speakers remotely. It is a circular wireless device powered by batteries (included in the package) which it will allow us to turn the speakers on and off or select the volume. The upper part can in fact be pressed (to turn on/off or pause) or rotated (for volume). On the side there is also the button to connect the Pod to the PC via bluetooth.

The speakers are obviously compatible with Razer’s Chroma Software through which you can manage color, intensity and variations of the RGB lights. We will also be able to set the rhythm of the lights in time with the music or with the appropriate game, or use the same light effects for the various Razer devices at our disposal that support Chroma, for a truly personal setting. Through Razer Synapse, however, you will have the possibility to manage equalizers, bass power and much more.

Our test of the Razer Nommo V2 Pro speakers

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For this review, we tested the Razer Nommo V2 Pro speakers for about two weeks. In this period of time we have had the opportunity to use them by listening to music, watching movies, videos on YouTube and of course, while playing video games.

Let’s start right away by saying that Speaker and Subwoofer installation is extremely simple. And vero Plug & Play (o Listen) in which you have to connect just over three cables between power supplies and USB inputs. A practical guide designed directly on the packaging will be there to help you. In this regard, we cannot fail to mention theRazer’s incredible attention to detail, from the packaging, to the speakers, from the Pod, to the usage software. The whole set looks great and fit perfectly to our workstation adding that touch of RGB that reflects on the walls, really not bad.

In terms of audio quality, we were extremely amazed by both the sound rendering and the degree of immersion of the spatial audio. Indeed, this allows us to perceive sounds in the direction they come from in the game and immediately made us feel at the center of the action. Likewise for movies and TV series (or even YouTube videos), the quality has always been up to par and indeed, it made us discover sounds and instruments in songs that we have heard hundreds of times but never at this quality.

E il Subwoofer?

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Even the “small” Subwoofer of this set makes the most of powerful and vibrant bass. Its position (usually on the ground at a certain distance between the speakers) helps to make the audio experience more immersive and complete. It must be said that the bass power must be managed depending on whether you are playing or listening to music to avoid a powerful bass hit with every shot in the game. Fortunately Synapse moves very well and you can not only customize the performance of the devices for each individual game, but also change the default settings with a click.

The best? in video games

Needless to say, le Razer Nommo V2 Pro give their best when gaming. We tried them giocando sia ai Single Player come Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption 2 o Cyberpunk 2077 is nei competitivi online, come Overwatch 2, Valorant e League of Legends. In all cases, the crates performed perfectly and also proved to be extremely useful! In fact, spatial audio is not only pleasant to listen to but can be extremely useful in better perceiving the presence of enemies (especially in Valorant) giving us a small advantage in perception of enemies.

During our test we loved the possibility of applying the to the speakers as well Audio Meter function that moves the lights according to the beat of the music or what is happening in-game. Likewise, we absolutely loved the Control Pod and the fact that it’s wireless. A real portable “button” that can be placed anywhere on the desk, which gave us full control of the checkouts and which, we admit, made us feel very cool.

The Razer Nommo V2 Pro review in a nutshell

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At this point in the review, you will certainly have understood that we could not find any faults with these Razer Nommo V2 Pro despite our duty as reviewers to impose it on us. We had a really satisfying experience that allows us to say, in our humble opinion, that we are dealing with the best speakers of this kind on the market.

“Of this kind” also translates to a total cost of 449€ that if we consider the two speakers of exceptional quality, the subwoofer, the Pod and the technology that all these devices contain, it doesn’t even seem like that much.

Once again Razer has succeeded in its goals of offering a device of the highest quality, design and technology. After these speakers, playing video games and listening to music will never be the same again.

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