The release of Diablo IV is getting closer and closer: the game reaches Gold • status

This summer Diablo fans will finally be able to play the fourth chapter of the saga that made the history of arpg. Diablo IV, due out June 6, 2023promises an epic and dark adventure in the world of Sanctuary, where players will have to face the Blessed Mother Lilith and her demons.

The development of the game is now finished: Diablo IV has reached Gold statuswhich is the final version that will be distributed to the public.

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Waiting for the release: what we know about Diablo IV

Through an official announcement, in communicating the achievement of Gold status, the developers have made it known that the latest version will introduce a rich and varied gaming experience, with various options to customize your character and your style of play. Players will be able to choose between five different classeseach with its own abilities and characteristics, and customize their appearance with various cosmetics.

Diablo IV also features an open world with a main campaign, with over 120 dungeons, side quests, world bosses and many other areas to explore. But the game doesn’t end with just the campaign: Diablo IV also offers various endgame elements to continue challenging and progressing. Among these are the paragon system, PvP zones, Nightmare Dungeons, Helltides, and the Whispering Tree.

In the review of the Diablo IV Beta for, our Daniele wrote:

Diablo IV has all it takes to “go back to being Diablo”. This however could result in a dearth of novelty making the game “too similar to itself”. Assuming and not granting that this is not necessarily a bad thing, we are really curious to find out what the full version of the game will offer us“.

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