The remake of Tombi will be done and will be available for PlayStation, PC and Switch

Il remake di Tombi si farà e sarà disponibile per PlayStation, PC e Switch thumbnail

An announcement that will please those nostalgic for the games for the first PlayStation 1. And let’s face it: we are all nostalgic for the games for the first PS. In fact, the remake of Tombithe iconic platformer featuring the cute pink-haired hero, will be available for old and new generation consoles and PC.

What do we know about the Tombi remake

The news was announced by Limited Run Games, complete with a video presentation. In the clip – which you find below – actually shows the introductory movie of the original game, released back in 1997, under the name of Tomb (yes, the American version was called that).

The remake will be based on the Carbon Enginean emulation engine developed by Limited Run Games, which will allow the legendary title to be brought to modern consoles as well.

The new Tombi will then be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam). Difficult, if not impossible, to hypothesize an agreement to bring the game to Xbox consoles. The project sees the direct involvement of Tokuro Fujiwara, creator of the original title. The music will be by the composer Fujita Harumiwho will create an unreleased soundtrack for the new version.

The technical details of the game have not yet been revealed, as has not been revealed a release date.

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