The requirement of USB-C for iPhones will arrive in Brazil

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In these days Anatelthe telecommunications regulatory authority in Brazil, has launched a public consultation for make USB-C chargers mandatory for all smartphones sold in the country. A proposal that follows in the wake of the decisions of the European Union, which passed a law that makes USB-C mandatory on a series of devices by the end of 2024. On the other hand, even in the United States some legislators are pushing this. idea. What will happen to the Lightning port of the iPhones then?

Brazil: will USB-C become mandatory for all smartphones?

“Aware of the aforementioned movements in the international market, the technical area of ​​Anatel evaluated the topic and presented a proposal with a similar approach for application in the Brazilian market”. So Anatel announced the idea of ​​making USB-C mandatory in Brazil. A proposal that would have a big impact especially on Apple, which still uses the Lightning port on iPhones. In fact, it would appear that the Cupertino-based company has been testing USB-C for a while now. But for now we only got to see it on some tablets and laptops.

In the documents supporting the public consultation, Anatel included both the rreduction of electronic waste is a major convenience for customers. On the other hand, the disadvantages include the higher costs of enforcing the regulation. And the possibility that the law would dissuade companies from developing new and better standards. In any case, Anatel will keep the consultation open until the next one August 26. What will be the definitive answer regarding the fate of USB-C in Brazil, therefore, we will only know then.

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