The review of Asus ROG Cetra True Wireless, not just for gaming

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Asus has launched its new gaming headsets, ROG Cetra True Wirelesswhich, however, during the tests for our review we found to be also suitable for much more. In fact, if gaming mode further lowers latency, we have enjoyed the full bass and richness of audio detail. And above all, it seems to us that they are excellent for handling calls, con precise microphones that capture our voice perfectly. But are they the right headphones for all your needs? We help you figure it out in this review of the Asus ROG Cetra True Wireless earphones.

Our review of the Asus ROG Cetra True Wireless

The Republic of Gamers (ROG) has made Asus a recognized brand in the gaming world, even on a professional level. But Asus is a brand whose experiences go beyond the world of video games, creating excellent products for everyday life.

The new Asus ROG Cetra True Wireless fall into this double category, we noticed it as soon as we opened the box of the earphones we tested for this review. In fact, in the box you will find one black charging case, with an elegant look. Asus also worked to make the case design slim, albeit larger than average, so that our earphones fit comfortably in your pocket.

At the top we find an entrance USB-C (in the package you will also find a USB-A / USB-C cable, especially convenient for those who have an iPhone and maybe don’t have a suitable cable at home). Below you can see un LED che indicates in red when a recharge is needed, while in blue the connection with the smartphone (or the PC, tablet, etc.).

By opening the case, however, the gamer soul feels a little more. If outside the ROG logo is only noticeable because the glossy black shines on the matte black of the case, there are gods inside LEDs that light up with variable colors. You can’t program the color change, but it’s a tribute to gamer aesthetics that we appreciate.

The earphones have a sober look, with black coloring across the board. They have soft silicone rubber pads (the size already entered was fine for us, but find two pairs of rubber pads to find the right fit). The ROG logo heads at the top, where you can also find the touch controls, while the word ROG appears on the ‘stems’ that stretch downwards. Here you also find two rows of bright LEDs, which act as indicators for the connection. During playback they do not continue to glow.

The build quality impressed us positively, they are a lot resistant (although they weigh alone 5 gramsi): they also have protection IPX4. And the design with square and decisive lines is a compromise for a gamer look while remaining sober. We liked it.

A good feeling in the ears, but sometimes uncomfortable commands

By inserting the ROG Cetra True Wireless into the ears, we immediately appreciated how they sit in our ears. By changing the rubber pads you can adapt them to your pavilions, but in general it seems to us that the combination of great lightness and good quality of the silicone guarantees a secure grip. We also have them used to run and to train at home, without ever being afraid of losing them. Only towards the end of training (and also because of the heat) did they seem slightly less firm in our ears, but in any case they are just below the level of solutions designed specifically for running. It surprised us positively: we did not expect this cure, since they are not designed for this.

Conversely, a slightly different speech for the touch controls. On the left ear you can switch between the different noise canceling modes (more details later), while on the right you can pause or play a track, go forward with two taps or backwards with three. By holding down for a second, you can enable thevoice assistant on the left and the gaming mode on the right.

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Maybe a little too much to keep in mind, without the ability to raise and lower the audio that we would have appreciated instead. But the problem we encountered is that placing the headphones on it happens to activate one of the commands by mistake. Perhaps it would have been more convenient to have them in the two stems (although we don’t know if it was feasible at an engineering level).

Asus ROG Cetra True Wireless review: audio quality and playing performance

Asus has equipped the ROG Cetra True Wireless with Asus Essence 10mm driver and during our review we really appreciated the qualities of this choice. The headphones do indeed have gods deep enough bass to manage well the shots and the steps of whatever battle royale is your favorite, as well as the explosions of the third season of The Umbrella Academy. Never medium-high tones are very precisei, with dialogues that are easy to understand.

The earphones also impressed us positively for music reproduction. Also tracks full of detail across the spectrum but with thundering bass, like the ones on Kendrick Lamar’s new album, they were really clean and without any distractions. In such a small and light pair of earphones it is difficult to do better.

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The Gaming Mode allows you to reduce latency. But even without we noticed a perfect synchronous in movies and TV series. However, players could activate it to better manage cooperative play on PC or smartphone: the result is really good.

The active noise reduction it works quite well, also thanks to the good grip of the earphones on the ears. There are one ‘heavy’ and one ‘light’ mode, depending on how noisy the surroundings are. But even with the light one we were able to listen to our favorite podcast on the train without any problem. The modality Ambient it does not have perfect transparency, the lighter sounds do not pass. But we kept it during our ride to feel the traffic better and be safer.

With True Wireless earbuds, ANC doesn’t work wonders – an over-the-ear solution will always have the edge in a comparison test. But Asus did the maximum physically possiblewe enjoyed it very much.

Great microphones for calls and cooperative play

One of the features we liked about the Asus ROG Cetra True Wireless during this review is undoubtedly call quality. Not only did we hear great via Bluetooth, on the other hand they understood us perfectly.

The omnidirectional microphone does not have intelligent noise cancellation, but it could still be heard during calls just our voice. And you could hear it clearly: on the other side of the call they judged the quality with the earphones as equal or better than that of the smartphone microphone.

We also tested the audio via Discord to play with friends, with more results.mechanical‘, but we think it depends on Discord’s dual audio handling and not on the headphones.

Also excellent dictation with the voice assistant, who understood us perfectly well.

A good battery (but so-so software)

The battery declared for the ROG Cetra True Wireless by Asus is 5.5 hours without using ANC and 4.8 hours with active noise cancellation: after this review, it seems to us to be an accurate estimate. This allows you to manage quite long gaming sessions without too many problems (although perhaps a little for professionals may not be enough.

The case allows you to add 21.5 hours (17 with ANC) of autonomy. But the really welcome news is that in addition to USB-C charging there is also that wirelesssomething that is not often seen (especially in this price range).

We are less enthusiastic about the software for Android and iOS, the app Armoury Crate. There is the possibility to see the battery level and adjust the volume (which you can do with the smartphone settings). And then an equalizer, as well as the ability to activate Gaming Mode, Bass Boost and surround. There is nothing wrong with it, but it seems much less cared for than headphones. The graphics are generic and the functions are not very responsive.

Asus ROG Cetra True Wireless review: are they worth buying?

The touch controls and the smartphone app didn’t drive us crazy. But excellent quality audio, il microphone of higher level, the good ANC and the good autonomy make it easy to recommend these headphones. Even for those who just want to play Pokémon Go: but the low latency of the Gaming Mode is a plus-value for gamers.

The earphones have an official price of 129,99 euro, which would already be excellent for quality / price. But on the Asus Republic of Gamers website there found at € 103.99: an absolute best buy value. We understand why they are not available at the moment, we bet they are selling like hot cakes. If you find them around 100 euros, buy them without even thinking about it. They are great, and not just for gaming.


  • Great audio
  • Perfect calls
  • Good autonomy and even wireless charging
  • With the discount on the official website they are a best buy


  • Touch controls not perfect
  • Careless app
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