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The review of Bayonetta 3, the bittersweet return of the Witch of Umbra

A long-awaited title for fans of the branded franchise Platinum Games e Nintendo. After recently explaining the reasons why this title has been around for about a week only on Nintendo Switchwe finally have on our hands Bayonetta 3, new chapter of the saga which, for the uninitiated, has as its protagonist a charming and seductive witch. This chapter comes after the first game in 2009, and Bayonetta 2 in 2014, but it still remains the classic action adventure from the incessant rhythm. It still demonstrates its freshness and vivacity today, always keeping us under pressure between one fight and another in rapid sequence. A definitely interesting and valid title, as we tell you in our review after the test on Switch. Ours, however, was not a totally positive experience; we noticed some small mole and we explain why in our article.

Bayonetta 3, the return of a witch in time for Halloween

A coincidence, or maybe not, but this famous witch of the gaming world returns to peep on our console of the big N just in time for Halloween. Available since last October 28, Bayonetta 3 proposes a story without too many narrative pretensions or particularly in-depth substrates. The hinge of the story is dictated by one sequence of absurd and exaggeratedly scenographic pictures. A series of histrionic and kaleidoscopic characters follow one another on the screen of our console (although we advise you to try the title on TV, but we’ll get to that later).

Bayonetta 3 therefore continues on its path, already paved by the previous chapters and several twists (more spectacular in reality). Except for a few more subtle dialogical moments, Bayonetta 3 features several old and new characters, alongside the classic Homunculus. All to be discovered and of which we will not reveal too much.

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These appear in hordes in almost every fight we face, during which there will also be bosses, quite easy to defeat. In this regard, we remind you that we have available three different levels of difficultyand each presents challenges commensurate with the mode selected.

Challenge between Angels and Demons

Let’s not lose sight of our goal and take a closer look at the gameplay, where we drive Cereza or Viola, but only in the dedicated levels, to take out all the Homunculus that will appear. Other content, however, populates the game, with secondary zones full of so-called Verses optional, and with different exploration possibilities. This aspect allows us to collect Chade’s Blood Tears scattered around the worlds, in addition to tests of skill against Angels and Demons, puzzles to solve and more. We assure you, however, that you will be faced with a series of challenges with traits not only action, but which promise a mixture of genres that will surely please.

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In Bayonetta 3 there are also very strong and really valid supporting actors this time, although the Witch of Umbra can equip two sets of weapons at a time. Apart from this, can take on the guise of controlled demonic creatures, in turn controlling the demon itself. However, this does not save Cereza from damage, as she cannot defend herself from her attacks. We also remember that summoning is only possible when the magic bar is full enough, but that it empties quickly and precision and control are increasingly required in clashes.

The eye (and the ear) also wants its part

During the games, Bayonetta 3 presents new tools and demons, thanks to which we can experiment with different solutions to characterize the clashes. This is where however, the moles arrive we told you about at the beginning, especially concerning the technical sectorand partly graphical, that the game engine shows on the Nintendo Switch.

Bayonetta3 3

Probably a limit of the console itself, which does not allow to do justice to Bayonetta 3, and which consequently entails several difficulties. Among these, instability in the frame rate, dirty resolution and with some efforts due to glitches, blurring and several other graphic defects.

To balance these flaws, the audio sector comes in handy, with a respectable soundtrack and with a new voice actress, Jennifer Tale, for the protagonist, who carries on the legacy of Hellena Taylor with honor and holding high the flag of the identity of the Witch. A definitely appropriate choice by the Platinum Games team, which tries to recover after the recent bankruptcy of the Babylon’s Fall project, which was unsatisfactory with Square Enix.

The Bayonetta 3 review in a nutshell

Bayonetta 3 may not be as striking as the second chapter in the art sector, but there is no lack of narrative moments of impact. The duration and replayability of this title are worth noting, guaranteeing at least about fifteen hours of action and adrenaline. Without forgetting everything that awaits you after the credits, but that’s another story. The technical uncertainties partially invalidate our overall judgment towards Bayonetta 3, but this does not diminish the showmanship capabilities of this game, whimsical and varied. Finally, the mix of genres, which does not annihilate the action that is the master, makes the new work of Platinum Games really worthy of your attention and indispensable for lovers of the series and the genre in question.

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