The review of Celly TrainerRound, a smartwatch of substance

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We have been wearing it on the wrist for some time TrainerRound, the new smartwatch from the Celly Trainer line. A device that offers interesting performances, especially considering the price of only 59.99 euros. With a large display from 1,69″ and many useful apps, it could be an interesting product for many sportsmen and others. But despite the all-round display, it has a few corners to smooth out. In this review, we help you figure out if the new Celly TrainerRound can do for you.

Celly TrainerRound review: solid and with a big screen

This October Celly presented its Trainer line. Products designed for sport, but with an eye towards the price. The TrainerRound therefore it is a device designed especially for those who it is always in motion, but as we will see it does not have only that application of use.

Open the box, where you will also find the special charger for the smartwatch, the sporty style seems evident. The black silicone strap it is very resistant, with many notches to be able to better tighten the TrainerRound before a run or a swim. The watch case has a solid and rather ‘massive’ appearance and also to the touch it confirms the constructive solidity: it has all the air of being a smartwatch resistant (and it was, during our tests).

It looks “totalblack”However it helps to take away a bit of that too sporty air, as well as the round shape of the case. And once the device is turned on, the large display removes all doubts: we are facing a smartwatch that can adapt to any occasion. The screen isn’t particularly bright, but the resolution not bad for a product in this price range.

We then downloaded the app Yes Fit to synchronize notifications and make the most of this smartwatch.

Large display, great for sports and notifications

The screen has a diagonal of well 1.69 inches. A measure that is abundantly sufficient for sports activities. But also for the navigation among the various ones menus on the touch screen and to read notifications. You can’t link all smartphone apps (we would have liked to have Telegram notifications, but the Da Fit app doesn’t support them). But the ones that are there are read very well.

WhatsApp messages are simple to read, albeit sadly there is no option to reply. Call alerts are useful when your smartphone is far away (although you’ll have to get up to answer). The only thing is the vibration motor, which seemed insensitive to us and a bit too strong.

In addition to the ability to receive notifications, the large screen is great for using apps. In fact, scrolling to the left on the screen you can find a menu full of icons. The style is that of Apple Watch, although the applications present is definitely less. But they all work very well.

You can for example use the smartwatch to control the playing music from your smartphone, or use your watch for take a picture from the phone. The Weather app, the Torch or the alarm clocks respond quickly, without a moment’s hesitation. Uncommon in this price range.

The only imperfections found concern the translation of the software. For example, the app to play music is called “Player”, a wrong translation of Player. Nothing that diminishes the usefulness of the product, only small uncertainties that we can only notice.

Celly TrainerRound review, use during sports

One of the first things we did once we got our Celly TrainerRound for this review was to try all of the functionality for health and sport. We did this by holding the watch next to a Fitbit to evaluate the differences during the surveys.

celly trainerround review sport-min

You can monitor and activate the heart rate monitor, the blood pressure e oxygenation some blood swiping right from the home screen, or in the app menu. There is also the detection of sleep. In our experience, TrainerRound has not proved perfect at detecting heart rate. At rest he lost a few beats, while the situation improved under exertion. Instead, specify blood oxygenation and pressure.

We first tried a TrainerRound run. During the test, he let us down not see the pace that we were holding. Celly decided to make jogging time predominant, also showing the steps taken and the calories burned. Without, however, showing what seems to us the most important of the statistics to regulate the pace. At the end of the run, it seems to us that the GPS has detected a few meters less compared to those actually courses.

During the I swim, the smartwatch shows the time, calories consumed and heart rate. We would have liked it to help us count the laps during the test, but it seems to us that the values ​​at the end of the training were quite accurate. A ride in bicycle instead confirmed some uncertainty in the GPS, although not excessive.

As for the step count, it seems to us that round up a little. But not too much to invalidate its use. Those looking for a product designed specifically for running, perhaps might want something more. Probably even spending a few extra euros.

Battery and charging

Celly assures that TrainerRound can go up to six days of charge and we would like to confirm it. The use of GPS for running and cycling didn’t lower the battery life too much either, but increasing the brightness could also decrease the duration a bit. However, that seems more than enough.

celly-min smartwatch review

Charging with the included adapter results quite quick, even if there is no fast charging.

Celly TrainerRound Review: Is It Worth To Buy?

That couple of uncertainties in the software translation don’t invalidate Celly’s excellent job: the apps are fast and snappythe. And even if the screen is not very bright, on the 1.69 “display you can read notifications easily great at excellent contrast.

Health features have proven a few too many inaccuracies, so much so that those who want a device only for when they run might want something more. However, for a more generalist use it seems to us to be up to par. In the price range around 59,99 euro there are many competitors, but Celly TrainerRound defends itself quite well. If you find it discounted below 50 euros, it becomes a really tempting offer.

You can buy it on Celly’s website.


  • 1.69 “screen
  • App responsive
  • Good autonomy


  • Some software uncertainty (translation)
  • GPS not always very accurate