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The review of Dreame Bot Z10 Pro, great cleanliness without effort

We let the new robot vacuum cleaner Dream Bot Z10 Pro cleaned the floors of our house, while from our comfortable chair we observed him to write this review. This device of oursecosistema Xiaomi has the components and artificial intelligence to reduce the effort of cleaning to a minimum. But is it the right robot vacuum for you? We tell you about our experience to help you choose your new ally in housework.

Review of Dreame Bot Z10 Pro

The packaging of the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro is quite large, despite the robot itself being quite small and light (35 cm in diameter and less than 10 in height). The reason is that in addition to the robot you will also find the recharging base, almost 50 centimeters high. Which not only recharges the robot but also offers a system that automatically empties the dirt collected by Dreame Bot by filling a 4 liter dust bag. This way you never have to worry about emptying your robot, just change the bag when it gets full. Dreame says it can last too 65 days, but it depends on how much dirt and dust it collects. And you already find another bag included in the package.

In addition to the base and the robot found the accessory to “mop”, with a dedicated water tank. And the robot manual to make sure you have everything under control. A complete and well thought out package.

And everything seems to us stylish enough to fit in any room of the house without too many problems. The footprint is minimal and the WiFi reception to control the robot even from a distance with the smartphone is really excellent. A premium product through and through.

Installation and first “patrol of the house”

Eager to review this product, we have placed it in the first available outlet in the house and we downloaded the app. By pressing the buttons on the robot you can activate the WiFi to make it find the smartphone and that point to easily connect it to your home network with the app. It all took a few seconds. We then let the robot load, as recommended by the instruction booklet.

Once the battery has been charged, by simply placing the robot in its base, we have opened the app to begin the first cleaning. All you have to do is click the broom button on your smartphone. At this point Dreame Bot Z10 Pro has begun to patrol the perimeter of our house. Meanwhile, it vacuumed and cleaned. It took him about an hour to search our one-story apartment.

The robot has detected our apartment correctly, automatically dividing it into zones and cleaning from top to bottom. Even where he could not reach (for example under our too low sofa) he rightly marked the spaces. A well done analysis, thanks to LDS LiDAR navigation which precisely detects obstacles. He has never bumped into obstacles and has even precisely circumvented the legs of tables and desks, even passing between the wheels of the office chair.

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Dreame Bot Z10 Pro review: quality of cleanliness

We are quite attentive to house cleaning and have always found ourselves in the field of those who prefer to personally use a hand vacuum cleaner. But the work of Dreame Bot Z10 Pro amazed us in this review. It easily vacuums dust, dirt and small debris even in the medium suction level, the preset one. Those with pets may prefer the High Power or Turbo option to make sure they suck up all the hair left behind by your four-legged companions. But even if you have a huge house and an army of pets, the robot does its job as well if he needs to go back alone to charge, and then pick up where he left off.

You can also decide from the app indicate areas not to be cleaned, or areas to be vacuumed but not to mop. You can clean in zones or choose a specific area and clean only that. The suction is optimal and it also collects crumbs and small debris that other automatic vacuum cleaners might forget.

Overcome obstacles up to two centimeters and bypass the larger ones. The only problem we had is with the bathroom carpet, too light to pass over it (instead, he crumpled it in a corner). But on doormats and carpets it not only aspires but automatically activates the turbo to be able to clean them thoroughly. And the results are excellent (even if we don’t have particularly thick carpets). Despite our troubles, we hand-vacuumed only in the corners where Dreame Bot can’t reach (for example behind doors next to the wall or in the space between the legs of the desk and the wall). But just doing these details is a big time saver, no doubt.

Cleaning with the rag is simple. Just wet and wring out the rag and fill the tank of the‘”mop” coupling with water (they do not recommend the use of detergents). Using medium mode, it doesn’t get very wet. This is great for rooms in homes that are easier to clean and where there are no possible food stains, such as bedrooms or the home office. For the kitchen and dining room you can use the greatest water flow. Which does a good job. But don’t throw away the classic rag: for particularly stubborn dirt it is still the only solution.

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Range and power (and noise)

The only thing that really matters is the quality of cleaning and the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro passes our tests with flying colors. But some of you may rightfully worry about autonomy, especially if you have a large house. The battery is a whopping 5,200mAh. With medium vacuum, it can safely clean even quite large houses without having to return to the base. Our apartment (which cleaned in an hour covering a cleaning area of ​​about 70 square meters) could clean it with still 70% battery. Even when using the Turbo, the battery advances at the end of the cleaning.

There are four power levels for cleaning:

  • Silent: with a power of 800 Pa, it’s okay to collect dust and crumbs. It really isn’t much quieter than the standard level. But it absolutely does not bother you if you are working or reading, if you have the TV on you can hardly hear it.
  • Standard: power from 1200 Pa, great for hair and hair as well as for small debris. It is the basic option and is the one that works for the vast majority of people. Furthermore, not disturbing at all.
  • High Power: gives 1800 Pa, allows you to remove even the thickest layers of dust and simplify the life of who has pets at home. A little louder.
  • Turbo: gives 4000 Pa, to aspire to whatever resists others, even on carpets. This is the only level where the noise is similar to that of a hand vacuum cleaner. It is not needed in most cases but we still wanted to do a complete house cleaning to see the batteries would hold up to the end. And he did it without any problems.

Dreame Bot Z10 Pro Review: Smart apps and features

Xiaomi’s application works well. If you already have other Xiaomi products or products from purchased companies such as Dreame, you already know how simple it is to use it. From the menu of your devices you can select the robot. On the main screen you will see the map of your home and the position of the robot within it. During cleaning you can follow it in real time, stopping the procedure when you prefer.

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In addition to being able to select the suction power and the quantity of water released in the section Cleaning mode, you can access Prohibited area. Here you can decide an area from exclude from cleaning (for example the area of ​​the stairs) and fix gods virtual walls (we have placed them in front of the French windows, to be able to clean even leaving them wide open). You can also decide to create a zone “no mocio”, where the robot will not pass if you attach the water cleaning holder (the attachment is magnetic, then recognizes it on the fly). Great for protecting your carpets. You can also set multi-storey maps (you will have to take it upstairs).

Also you can schedule cleaning as you prefer. We have set a daily schedule for cleaning the whole house. But you can choose to clean only certain rooms or even only certain areas, setting when different scenes you want. You can organizing house cleaning maniacal precision, just go to the robot settings or the Xiaomi app automation section.

Finally, it emptying of the robot takes place automatically in just ten seconds when it comes back to charge. An extreme convenience, which you can also adjust via the app.

Dreame Bot Z10 Pro review: is it worth buying?

The robot vacuum cleaner Dreame Bot Z10 Pro satisfied us in every aspect. Its daily cleaning ensures a house without dust and dirt on the floor. When cleaning the whole house, you can limit yourself to the unreachable corners to finish cleaning the floor. A truly extreme convenience. Artificial intelligence and LiDAR sensors are great, well-structured programming.

At the moment you can find it on AliExpress for 576 euro, which is a decidedly good price compared to rivals that have similar functions. Although perhaps the most difficult “opponents” are products like the Dreame L10 Pro, which offers similar features but it has no emptying base. Some users may prefer to save money and take the time to empty the robot themselves.

Having made these considerations, if you are looking for the best you have found it in the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro: a product that uses great technology to clean your floors while you relax.


  • Excellent cleaning
  • Fully automatic (even self-emptying)
  • Very comfortable
  • Remote programmable and manageable


  • Those who do not want self-emptying can save money with another Dreame product
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