The review of Kainga: Seeds Of Civilization, the official launch of the successful roguelite

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After a long period of Early Access able to garner a lot of success, now the roguelite Kainga: Seeds of Civilization, published by Green Man Gaming Publishing and developed by Erik Rempen, finally sees the light. The launch of its official version happened a few days ago on Steam today, with several updates compared to the test we had done last year. Interesting new content awaited us to start creating our village, in a truly unique and satisfying journey through culture (and crops). Let’s find out together what awaited us this time, returning to the ancient and at times tribal world that had already conquered us some time ago.

Kainga: Seeds Of Civilization, in the depths of an ancient culture

Let’s briefly recover the history of this roguelite, for those who have not followed the story of Kainga so far during the phases of its development. Kainga: Seeds of Civilization is a roguelite dedicated to construction of an ancient village in an unusual land. Here the environment, technology and our choices influence the development of our culture and the inhabitants of this land.

Our main missions concern theadaptation to biomesto manage to tame the beasts that will be entrusted to us by Allevara and build further expansions of the village. Without forgetting to have to defend our possessions from other tribeswhile trying to complete the challenges.

So looking at the actual gameplay content, which consists of several game mechanics. After a short tutorial, exhaustive but not too much, and having chosen the ecosystem from which to start our game, the development of our civilization is in our hands. Or rather, in those gods thinkersi.e. the researchers who will be able to develop new technologies necessary for the growth and development of our city.

These are the most important members of the hierarchical ladder, and their loss involves a certain game over. However, they will not be the only characters that will populate our adventure. Above all, the enemies to face and the external threats that will hit our possessions will not be few…

An indie aesthetic and lots of new updates

Without anticipating too much about the contents of this roguelite, let’s now look instead at the more graphic and technical aspects. There aesthetic realization by Kainga: Seeds Of Civilization makes the indie origin of this game even more evident. Developed in an unclear three-dimensionality, but hinted at enough to give a unique and almost exotic flavor, just like the settings we enjoyed.


The variety of colossal creatures they can be found lurking throughout the biomes of Kainga. They are often found hidden in the sea or deep underground, and to live with them we just have to learn to know them, tame them andwhy not, use them in combat. Even the territory itself turns out to be as beautiful as it is threatening, each with its own characteristics such that we will have to ensure that our tribe can adapt to it to survive.

Il development period in Early Access lasted quite a long time time on Steam allowing the work of developer Erik Rempen alone to gain fame and attention to this title. Supported and stimulated by a ever wider and more attentive community to this game, the full launch of Kainga: Seeds of Civilization in its version 1.0 thus received a huge content update.

Between rich content and a noteworthy game engine

Going into the details of the updates, we can enjoy 2 new maps dedicated to Greenleaf and Darkwood, 2 new thinkers (Galanga, who focuses on raising beasts, and Serrano, who specializes in resurrection). They are not even missing over 40 new technologiescombat units, huge improvements of the city development AI and other details related to the location of the game. Which does not include the one in Italian, but we got over it without too much difficulty.


What about the game engine then? During our Steam test of Kainga: Seeds Of Civilization, we did not encounter any technical problems of sorts. As well as running like clockwork, we also had the opportunity to play pleasantly all the time, with fast loading times and fluidity in the various movements and actions required. Only positive notes therefore for the behavior of the software on our machine.

Kainga’s review: Seeds Of Civilization in pills

Why are all these updates and upgrades definitely coming in handy for us? Let’s start with what we have on hand a city builder who needs to stand out from the large number of titles that now populate this genre of games. The inclusion of distinctive elements is essential, and here the developer has focused on the fantasy setting, which we really liked. One of Kainga’s peculiarities and fundamental prerogatives is the presence of giant animals, capable of carrying entire homes.

For all these reasons, we had a noteworthy city-builder on our hands, perhaps with some repetition in the basic contents of its kind, but which in fact manages to satisfy us. The main positive signals come from folklore richness of its contents, dal long and dedicated work carried out by the developer alone which is also noticeable in the launch patch, in addition to one pleasant soundtrack as an accompaniment during the game. An “old-fashioned” roguelite, but only for the context in which the gameplay is inserted.

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