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The review of Rescue Party: Live !, a chaotic and fun adventure

We had the opportunity to try Rescue Party: Live and we are ready to tell you what we think with this chaotic review. Get ready to immerse yourself in a new one survival adventure, in which confusion and fun will definitely prevail.

Our test took place on PC, through a code Steam.

The Rescue Party: Live review – chaos and fun

Rescue Party: Live is a simulation game in which the players, who take on the role of a fireman, have to jump into the fray and survive disasters, disasters and others incredible events. You and your team have to go through the city e save citizens in danger: be careful though, because it won’t be easy.

But remember that you can play both alone and in a cooperative (local and online) to make your gaming experience even more chaotic and fun. In fact, we advise you to play with a few friends as it was mainly conceived as title in the cooperative. Do not worry, however, because even the single player experience will give you the right satisfactions.

Let’s say that, in various respects, Rescue Party: Live comes very close to Overcooked gameplay style. Instead of cooking, however, you have to help the citizens of the city.

The city you are in seems to be the center of the world where all kinds of catastrophes happen: floods, fires, earthquakes and so on. One of the interesting aspects of the title concerns exploration. As a chaotic title filled with bizarre happenings, you will find yourself ad explore every corner of the city to save every citizen you meet on your way.

Lots of fun and different missions

Another aspect that we want to emphasize is how much the title is realistic (except for the characters cute, adorable e full of personality). The disastrous events occurring in the city and theapproach used for foiling these disasters are particularly realistic. At your disposal you will have medicine of all kinds but also me too e wooden slats to help and care for your citizens. So remember to carefully explore every corner of the city.

However save people from actual disaster it is not easy as you might think. As you progress, the stock becomes more and more complicated and saving its citizens will become one real business.

We were also surprised by the missions: there are so many and of all kinds, all different from each other, both from the point of view of difficulty that of procedure. Completing the missions then allows you to earn points which, subsequently, will allow you to unlock new characters and so on.

Rescue Party: Live offre much more than you can imagine, in particular at the level of contents. We reiterate that, in our opinion, living the cooperative experience with your friends is much more satisfying e fun. In addition to being able to try the title in company or alone, there are also gods tournaments for the most ambitious and determined players.

Right, one last piece of advice, friends. Pay attention to the map: a she likes to change (and it needs specific tools to be able to access it completely, in particular to some areas).

Colorful and friendly graphics

Rescue Party Live tech princess

Rescue Party: Live! lift one graphics very nice, minimal and extremely adorable. It’s colorful, it’s friendly, and it makes these disasters almost pleasant. However, don’t be fooled by this graphic style because when you fail the missions, the frustration will skyrocket.

Somehow we will feel responsible for these citizens and, at some point, we will work with all our strength to help them. So be determined and confident: you can do it.

Aside from the stressful sense of frustration after a failed mission, the graphic style is nothing short of amazing. The colors are vibrant and the fluid images. On our PC we had no problems, no bugs or anything else so we are satisfied.

The same goes for the sound sector: very simple, fun, able to entertain us during our excursions and catastrophic adventures. Moreover, the soundtrack turns out to be particularly useful when time is running out: at that point it becomes more rapid e tesa. I mean, we have to hurry. Will you be able to complete your mission before time runs out?

The Rescue Party: Live review – in conclusion

Rescue Party: Live it’s a title very pleasant and particularly fun, to play in single player o in company of their friends. It offers missions of all kinds, which vary from time to time and that make our experience always intriguing, new, full of emotions. Environmental disasters are a lot realistic and, thanks to the graphics sector, everything is also fun and colorful.

But be careful because behind these vibrant colors and adorable characters, there is a complicated game that, at times, it definitely puts us to the test. If you are a lover of challenges and Overcooked !, this title is for you. We remind you that the title is available on Steam: are you ready to bring your citizens to safety?

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