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The review of ROG Falchion: the gaming keyboard par excellence

ROG Falchion is the latest ROG gaming keyboard, a premium-end device priced at 169,00 € which aims to offer high performance in an extremely compact format. We at Tech Princess have tried this keyboard for about a week, and we are ready to offer you our review of ROG Falchion, thanks to which we have discovered an extremely effective product, even not within everyone’s reach.

The ROG Falchion review

Let’s start immediately by saying that ROG Falchion is a 65% keyboard, that is a device that sacrifices a part of its standard equipment, in this the side keypad, in favor of one greater compactness. It is clear that such a solution is designed primarily for gaming, and by its very nature disadvantages all those who want to use it even in normal tasks.

The keys are 68 and are distributed in such a way as to consume as little space as possible, the dimensions of the device in fact are are 30,5 x 10,1 x 3,8 cm, for a weight of 520 grams. On the left side we find a useful touch panel, with which you can adjust a wide range of options from volume to copy paste, if you use the Asus panel, even if it is not exactly the most comfortable thing in the world.

ROG Falchion review

One of the features that amazed us most is undoubtedly autonomy of the keyboard, which according to official Asus data should be around 50 hours overall, with RGB lighting on. We initially thought it was an upside figure, but after testing it extensively we can confidently say that this is not an exaggeration.

As for the wireless connection, this takes place through the traditional dongle USB 2.4GHz, which can then be stored in a special cavity located in the upper part of the keyboard body. The choice to implement i Cherry MX Red, switches particularly suitable for gaming, given their reactivity and the very light pressure they require to be activated.

The gaming keyboard par excellence

During our tests we put ROG Falchion to the test in different scenarios, from MOBA video games like Dota 2, up to the most adrenaline-pumping shooters like Call of Duty Warzone e Overwatch and we have always obtained more than excellent results. The other side of the coin of this element is that when you need to write, perhaps in chat to your teammates, the short distance between the keys often leads to grammatical errors of various kinds.

In this regard we also appreciated the key design, solid and designed specifically to withstand even the strongest shocks, which can occur frequently during the most hectic gaming sessions. The style factor is obviously not lacking: the keyboard in fact offers an enviable color range, which can be set in the user’s preferred way.

In conclusion it can definitely be said that ROG Falchion is great gaming keyboard, with great battery life, good build quality and the small side touch panel to make the icing on the cake. However, the price of 169,00 €, decidedly high, even if partially justified by all the options present.

We would like to recommend the purchase only if you are an avid gamer looking for a keyboard top of the range for your sessions. We advise all the others to direct their attention towards a more eclectic device, which will surely satisfy you more.

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