The review of TCL C63 (55C635), the queen TV for quality-price

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We have seen lightsabers illuminate the entire living room, heard the sound of the videogame battle filling the room, admired the perfect colors of a thousand video-tests on YouTube. And not even for a second did we remember the (low) price of this TV. During our TCL C63 (55C635) series review the new QLED TV convinced us for the image quality (with some notes), audio and above all for the convenience of having Google TV within reach of remote control. But is it the right TV for your living room too? We help you figure it out with this TCL C65 (55C635) QLED review.

Our TCL C63 (55C635) review

The TCL’s new C63 Series it appears on paper as a set of top-of-the-range technologies, re-imagined. The quality 4K HDR Pro, Motion Clarity 60Hz, QLED to combine great brightness and deeper black. But also the audio onkyo con Dolby Atmos and software features with full support a Google TV and the Game Master for those who play.

When the courier brought the TV box to our house then we were eager to try it: what compromises did TCL accept to lower the price (from i 499 to 599 euros, depending on the retailer)?

Design and build quality

Opening the package, we got a hand to assemble the metal support, which you can place in two positions: towards the center if you have a smaller TV cabinet or more externally (as we did).

The metallic design of the brackets and the base help to give a more sophisticated look to the TV. While not increasing the weight, that remains around 12 kilos. With thin bezels and a great attention to detail, it seems to us that TCL has also taken care of the aesthetic aspect of the C63 Series.

Looking at the TV from the side you can easily see that it is thicker than the top-of-the-range panels in the category. But the truth is that for most people, this takes a back seat. However, the TV does not take up more space than necessary, horizontally it measures 1,227 meters, in height it reaches 76.5 cm with the stand and the thickness varies about 1 to 5 centimeters.

IMG20220618182434 min

There are also many doors, starting from the entrance Ethernet (even if the form WiFi works great). There is no shortage of a grip USB 3.0 e una USB 2.0, the jack for headphones and any antenna and satellite connection you can imagine. The three HDMI ports are all generation 2.1to the delight of gamers and their latest generation consoles.

A complete and flexible equipment, as you can immediately see when starting the TV for the first time.

TCL C63 (55C635) review: Google TV or not Google TV?

By connecting the TV to the socket we see the screen come to life, with the red TCL logo lighting up in the center of the display. But during this review we were surprised to see what TCL C63 (55C635) delivers two different installation modes.

In fact, in the package you will also find two different remote controls, which allow you to choose if you want to use the smartest TV possible, or if you prefer a more classic taste. And during the initial software setup, you actually have a choice between Google TV is a ‘normal smart TV’.

tcl 55c635 recensione tv min

Neither option excludes the other. Instead, it’s a functional choice to how you use your TV the most. We have tested both, but we are better off with the viewing from Google TV: all of our content easily available, with the smart catalog that scans all your major streaming services to help you choose. And above all the comfort of one Chromecast integrata: starting a movie or series from your smartphone to see it on the big screen is very simple (we did it with the previews of Disney + and Apple TV +, for which there is no smart TV app).

But you can switch to source TV”(Or to the HDMI to which you have connected PlayStation / Xbox or to the USB with your movies and photos) with extreme ease.

On the other hand, if you watch TV more often, the remote control with numbers works better. A more classic interface for watching programs and broadcasts with ease. But still find two buttons for Netflix and Prime Video, with the ability to access all streaming services with a normal smart TV.

Whatever your habit, TCL has thought of you. Something that doesn’t happen on TVs that also cost twice as much.

Image quality: to get the best you have to spend at least twice as much

We give you a little look behind the scenes of our review process: usually, we prefer to have a first approach with all the devices we test. before knowing the price. It is not always possible: we have often already read (or written) about the price of smartphones and headphones. But with TVs it’s simpler, with the various diagonal sizes and named lines that help you not immediately understand the price range.

qled review tcl c63 color min

Watching an episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi su Disney + we saw the blue sword of the Jedi light up in the night. A perfect test for any display: a lit light source and a dark background. TCL C63 showed great brightness and color detail in 4K really perfect. But the black behind was not absolute as happens with OLED technology, which, however, the more expensive QLEDs usually manage to approach.

In other words, i Quantum Dot by TCL did not leave us with bated breath. But the quality of the color as precise shades of light they really impressed us: if we had been told that this TV had a price of 200 euros higher, we would not have been surprisedthe. Even without the absolute black, the contrast convinced us, especially for the contents in 4K HDR Pror, which offers a lot of details. We are talking about a really high quality LED TV.

I 60Hz refresh rates are more than enough even when watching sports and action movies, thanks also to the MEMC (Motion Estimation / Motion Compensation) by TCL, which it seemed to us very fluid. Bottom line: This TV has everything most users need. If you want something better for cinematic playback, you have to go for OLEDs (spending several hundred euros more). And you would lose something in terms of brightnesswhich here is excellent.

tcl c63 tv review min

Convincing audio

TCL worked with onkyo for the sound system of this C63 (55C635) and the results are there. The down firing speakers arrive at a very high volume before distortion is noticeable. And although the TV is so thin, the rich bass of the Dolby Atmos they are heard when you watch action scenes (the roar of the Star Wars spaceships convinced us, for example).

But above all, it is very clear in the medium-high range, allowing you to understand the dialogues perfectly even in the most informative detective stories. A surround system will always have better results. And it is no coincidence that the feet leave just the space for a soundbar (perhaps by TCL). But most of the users will be able to be satisfied without giving up much.

Gaming and software functionality

The presence of the entrances HDMI 2.1 guarantees almost non-existent latencies with the screen when you play with the new generation consoles thanks to theALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode). TCL guarantees input lag of less than 15 milliseconds and prides itself on being the official Call of Duty TV.

tcl c63 like e tv review app google tv min

Pro players will want to use a dedicated display with a higher refresh rate. But to play with the your console or PC for fun TCL C63 (55C635) it did not disappoint us at all when testing this review.

The software Google TV it allows for some really great smart features. The Google Assistant, which you can activate with a dedicated button, allows you to manage everything with your voice. The google voice recognition is great, so he always understood us very well. Even when we asked to activate the devices smart home connected (we blocked the cleaning robot while we finished watching an episode).

If instead of using Google TV directly, you have devices Alexayou can control your TV via Echo Show or Echo Dot with ease.

You can also use Google Duo for video calling, although this requires un optional webcam. We don’t find it essential, but it could be of interest to many users.

TCL C63 (55C635) Review: Is It Worth Buying?

I think you can get it from this review: TCL C63 (55C635) convinced us. Having the good fortune of doing tech reviews, we know what TVs above 1000 euros offer in terms of image quality, especially with the perfect contrast of OLEDs or top-of-the-range QLEDs. This TV is not in that range. But it’s also not worth less than half: for most people it has all the credentials.

tcl c63 55 inch tv review qled min

On the official website of TCL at the moment the 55-inch model is not available. And in general, we haven’t found a ton of online offers for this TV, probably because TCL is still distributing the device to its retailers (all tech products are suffering from supply chain problems). TCL’s press office told us the price it is between 499 and 599 eurosalthough online we have seen some slightly higher prices (but under 650 euros).

If, at full distribution, you had to find it really at 499 euros for the 55-inch: buy it now. Indeed, stock up and distribute it to friends and relatives, the value for money would be really too good. However, under € 600 it remains a best buy and even exceeding a few tens of euros it remains convenient. If, on the other hand, the price goes up too much, consider other …

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