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The review of the Huawei Watch GT 3 smartwatch – a present and unobtrusive friend

The new smartwatch Watch GT 3 from Huawei it is a little gem that each of us should wear on the wrist. Small, elegant and precise, it is thepresent friend e unobtrusive which reminds us to take care of ourselves (and to get up from the chair every now and then). We had the honor of testing the new Huawei smartwatch for a couple of weeks and now we are ready to tell you what we think with this review.

The Huawei Watch GT 3 review: small and elegant

The new smartwatch Huawei Watch GT 3 arrives on the market in two variants: from 46 e 42 mm. We have received the second version, smaller but full of functionality and really a lot Elegant, with a beige faux leather strap. From an aesthetic point of view, Huawei takes up the design of the old model but it does rework, offering the public a display AMOLED bigger with bright colors, thinner edges it’s a perfected crown.

Moreover, to make the experience even more immersive, Huawei has also improved the navigation and theinterface, making them more fluid. We have one at our disposal grid view which, however, we can change if we wish.

In our opinion the grid view turns out to be more fun e chiara: also, thanks to rotating bezel placed on the edge of the smartwatch, we can zoom in on icons and easily find the application we need. Huawei has improved the smartwatch so much that we can even use it with the wet hands, for a seamless experience.

The faux leather strap it is truly exceptional and is characterized by little details which make the smartwatch stylish but at the same time, minimal. It is also not annoying and even during the heaviest workouts, the entire device does not get dirty O stain. Another very interesting element concerns the curvature of the smartwatch. Huawei made it convex, so that it can adapt perfectly to the shape of our wrist and does not bother.

In fact, we have to admit it: sometimes it’s like not having it, both in “everyday life” and during our workouts.

A universe of functionality

Now let’s analyze specifically all the incredible functions that the smartwatch offers us Huawei Watch GT 3. Before we begin, let’s talk about the smartphone. We have synchronized our smartwatch with one smartphone Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite but we didn’t have any kind of problem downloading theAppGallery on Huawei e l’app Health.

After downloading both applications and synchronizing the smartwatch, we are ready to go. The strengths of the smartwatch are, without a doubt, the wellness department and that sporty.

Huawei Watch GT 3 offers us tools that will help us daily to take care of ourselves. Thanks to the presence of eight receivers e quattro led placed on the front of the smartwatch, the one that rests on the wrist, the Huawei device offers us a continuous control e accurate heart rate.

Furthermore theAI algorithm has been updated to filter noisy signals more effectively, allowing a accurate monitoring heart rate even during very strenuous exercises e improving the accuracy of health data collection, like the one onoxygen in the blood.

This is another element that we have appreciated and that we find useful, especially given the recent times. With a simple click we can calculate the oxygen level in the blood and the data will come later saved on the application, then giving us a report completo from week to week. If you wish, you can also activate continuous and automatic control through the application, in order to keep an eye on your values hourly.

Among the various features we also find the skin temperature control (in this case, of course, of the wrist), one stress test which evaluates our stress level and is also available calendar for the menstrual cycle, very useful function for women.

In addition, the smartwatch supports i GPS satellite systems, Beidou, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS. Thanks to them it offers very efficient anti-interference performances, which improve the power e stability signals in the outdoor location.

These systems allow the smartwatch to synchronize and tell us every day at what time the sun rises and sets. It also shows us the weather forecast of the week and also supports different moon phase screens. The Huawei Watch GT 3 system also monitors the air pressure in real time and warns us in case of sudden weather anomalies.

There is no lack of accuracy sleep tracker, incredibly detailed and easy to understand. This feature, every morning, gives us a report completo which explains in detail how we slept. He talks to us about Deep sleep e light, from phase REM, from continuity of sleep and of breath quality. It also reveals us if and how many times we woke up during the night.

The interesting aspect is that each of these features is accompanied by a ‘accurate explanation. Huawei tells us why, for example, to have too many hours of light sleep it is not good for our body or what do we have to do to improve the quality of our breathing during the night. On the surface they may seem complicated topics but Huawei explains them in a way simple ed effective, so that anyone can understand better.

A miniature personal trainer

Another key aspect of the new Huawei Watch GT 3 is the workout. The smartwatch supports more than 100 sports modes such as running, cycling, hiking, swimming, free training but also pilates, yoga or skiing. By connecting it to your smartphone you can too listen to the music you want, changing when you prefer with a simple swipe right.

No matter where you are: both inside and outside the home, the Huawei Watch GT 3 will satisfy your every need. If you wish you can too set goals to be achieved, such as the length of your workout or the calories you want to burn. In this way, the device will help you to improve theefficiency of your training and to achieve these goals with ease.

One element we appreciated is the artificial voice of our smartwatch that, every ten minutes, supported us and remembered how much time had passed since the beginning of our training. These memorandum that the device offers turn out to be a great way to take a little break, drink a glass of water and continue with your workout.

However, the aspect that Huawei particularly cares about is the corsa. On the Health application you can find a section completely dedicated to corsa and to walk (but also to cycling) with lots of advice on how to get started if you are a beginner and other useful information for the more experienced ones. We personally haven’t taken full advantage of this feature – we don’t like running, we admit. We preferred to take advantage of the other workouts.

However we still gave her a chance and stayed particularly surprised – as well as out of breath from our poor training. In this regard, we would like to highlight another key feature that we really liked. It’s about the function “Come back” which allows us to retrace the road backwards. This means that we do not need our smartphone and Google Maps (if we get lost) but it will be our Huawei Watch GT 3 ad help us e show us the way back.

As a true expert guide that he is, the smartwatch also offers us voice prompts about estimated arrival time, on the distance left and on recommended roads when we decide to explore new destinations. Finally, once the workouts are finished (whether it is the outdoor run or our daily yoga session), the device automatically generates reports.

Huawei Watch GT 3 review: an unrivaled battery

It is necessary to make a separate paragraph and devote it completely to Huawei Watch GT 3 smartwatch battery, the aspect that most left us speechless. Both models of the Huawei device boast a different battery life: the 42 mm model we have promises one duration of about 7 days. The 46mm model, on the other hand, promises one duration of 14 days.

As you can imagine these values ​​are concerning because depending on the features you decide to activate on the smartwatch, the battery it can last longer or shorter. We have activated the automatic and continuous control of the heart rate, of the sleep and of stress. We also held the bluetooth of our smartphone always active, so you can receive notifications on the smartwatch, control the music and more.

This means that our smartwatch always had some task to be performed.

Despite everything, the Huawei Watch GT 3 has given us well 10 days of charging. But the surprises do not end here, dear readers: Huawei wanted to surprise us even more. After putting the smartwatch on charge at the 5%, we realized that our Watch GT 3 was loaded at most in just over fifteen minutes.

We were completely blown away by its reload speed. Huawei’s device indeed boasts the fast charging, which allows him to recharge in no time.

Bottom line – pass or fail?

The Huawei Watch GT 3 smartwatch can be considered as ours best friend. That friend always present e unobtrusive which, from time to time, reminds us to take care of ourselves. Or rather, it reminds us to do it when it realizes that we are letting go. If we sit for more than an hour reminds us to get up and to do a little movement, if we go to bed too late the next morning it highlights it and reminds us, in a gentle way, to go to bed earlier.

Huawei’s device allows us to take care of ourselves more effectively and carefully. It offers us all the necessary tools so that our health becomes ours number one priority, as it should be. We can train, run, answer calls via the smartwatch, set alarms, measure air pressure and much more.

Such a tiny device makes us available an infinite number of applications to be discovered. Also, thanks to the application Health, we can also change it every day screen of our smartwatch and always be fashionable: today an animated fox, tomorrow a background …

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