The review of the new Panasonic Sound Slayer: the wearable gaming speaker

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That of immersion is one of the hottest topics of recent years when it comes to video games. Between haptic vibrations and spatial audio, every new technology seems to want us to live as much as possible at the center of the action of our favorite titles. In this great creativity of ideas, Panasonic returns now with a new version of the Sound Slayerthe wearable gaming speaker and this is his review.

It’s about the Sound Slayer SC-GNW10a follow-up model to the SC-GN01E that we reviewed a few years ago and which wants to once again raise the bar of audio quality and convenience of this particular type of device.

La recensione del Panasonic Sound Slayer SC-GNW10

The Panasonic Sound Slayer SC-GNW10 is a wearable wireless gaming speaker that aims to take gaming adventures to a new level of audio immersion. Its compact and lightweight design fits comfortably around your neck, allowing you to enjoy high-quality audio without having to wear headphones or earphones. This is especially beneficial for those who prefer to avoid ear fatigue or simply want greater freedom of movement during gaming sessions.


The Panasonic Sound Slayer looks like a double speaker connected, like a horseshoe, by a section of soft rubber that rests on the back of the neck. The base, made of plastic, is characterized by four “feet” of which the two that rest on the chest are made of rubber for greater comfort. The actual speakers are obviously on the top, characterized by a fabric pattern with blue-green LEDs on both sides of the speaker that show when the device is on.

On the left speaker we find all the available controls. On the internal part, we find the power button, microphone activation/deactivation and audio settings button. The outermost part instead houses a volume wheel. On the external side we find the USB-C input for charging.

As anticipated, this version of the Panasonic Sound Slayer is in fact wireless and inside the package we find a wireless transmitter. Panasonic’s proprietary wireless technology can transmit 6-channel audio signals on a dedicated 2.4GHz band with latency of less than 20 milliseconds. This translates into clear audio without stuttering.


Sound Slayer

Going into more detail, the Panasonic Sound Slayer features four 38mm speakers, carefully positioned on the speakers to offer a truly immersive audio experience. thanks to its system high-quality speakers and drivers optimized for gaming, this speaker offers a dynamic range of sounds with deep bass and clear high-frequency details. The position of the speakers allows you to hear the sounds precisely. This feature creates a realistic and immersive atmosphere, which can greatly improve immersion in the game.

The speakers are also equipped with two microphones to capture the voice in the best possible quality. L’AI development by Intelligo Technology Inc. isolates your voice from the game’s sound effects, so other players can hear it clearly.

Our test of the Panasonic Sound Slayer

Panasonic Sound Slayer recensione

For this review, We tested the Panasonic Sound Slayer in several gaming situations and were impressed with its performance. During gaming sessions, the audio was clear and detailed, allowing us to perceive every single sound precisely. The bass is deep and powerful and creates an engaging sonic impact both in terms of sound effects and soundtracks.

The immersion is truly remarkable but it fails to capture all those important sounds in competitive video games such as footsteps. Instead, it has proven to be an excellent ally for all those single-player video games with a great soundtrack. The comfort of the speakers is really excellent and offered us several hours of entertainment without weighing on our shoulders or neck. This obviously must necessarily go along with your needs and with your gaming chair (or whoever).

Note of merit must be made to the dedicated Sound Slayer Engine application. From the application you can monitor elements of the speakers, update the software or customize the audio settings and sound quality depending on the game you are playing.

Our review of the Panasonic Sound Slayer SC-GNW10

The Panasonic Sound Slayer has proven to be an excellent plus in our way of gaming and an interesting step forward compared to the previous version. Its compact and lightweight design, cutting-edge audio technology and the convenience of wearing it directly around the neck make it an attractive choice for users looking for an alternative to traditional headphones or earphones.

If you’re looking for a gaming speaker that offers immersive audio and superior comfort, the Panasonic Sound Slayer may be the perfect solution for you.

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