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The review of the PowerA MOGA Controller: the controller for mobile and Cloud Gaming

The wide range of PowerA products and controllers could not miss the ever-growing opportunities and prospects of the mobile and cloud gaming sector. The “Being able to play anywhere” does offer great freedoms but often sacrifice the comforts of playing at home, with our consoles and our accessories. For this reason the company has created the PowerA MOGA Controller, a controller designed specifically to play in cloud gaming on any device, we find out more in this review.

Our MOGA PowerA Controller Review

Let’s discover all the technical, design and operating features of the PowerA MOGA Controller.


The PowerA MOGA XP5-X Plus controller looks good and is much lighter than Microsoft’s counterpart. A black and elegant design and a hard rubber grip, guarantee excellent excellent handling improved even by the knurled analogs. The back is the most interesting and features a pair of programmed keys and Power Bank activation buttons inside the controller. The MOGA also features a slider for setting a wired connection or through bluetooth and two USB ports, a standard one to charge the internal battery and a micro one to charge external devices.

The controller is in fact also a 3000mAH power back that can power both the pad and a second device, guaranteeing greater autonomy for any mobile sessions. The controller also comes with a smartphone clip to attach to the controller itself to start playing on mobile as well. Simply adjust the two hinges to reduce fatigue during long gaming sessions by ergonomically balancing the phone on the controller’s center of gravity. The extendable arm secures and protects your phone with the rubber grips and support pad compatible with devices up to 79mm.


The controller uses low-power Bluetooth 4.2 support to play wirelessly (via Bluetooth) or switch to USB wired gaming mode on your PC or mobile. In fact, in the package we find a 2 m micro USB to standard USB cable on the PC or laptop to extend gaming sessions by recharging the device. The 30cm micro-USB to USB type-c / micro USB cable, can be connected to your phone to eliminate any lag delay and the like using the wired mode. To report the absence of the Jack input for headphones but understandable given the proximity of a possible smartphone.

The technology inside makes it compatible with Android phones and tablets (Marshmallow 6.0 or later) and laptops / PCs running Windows 10.

Our test of PowerA’s Moga controller

We tested the PowerA MOGA Controller for about a month during which we used it properly to dedicate ourselves entirely to the Xbox Cloud Gaming. The device is in fact designed mainly to give the best with the service included in the Xbox Game Pass which allows you to play hundreds of titles in streaming, without having to download the game on your PC or any console. The controller is presented in an excellent way but the feeling on the hands does not give the same satisfaction as the other devices of the company. The plasticky feel is noticeable and the weight is extremely light. This is soon justified by the absence of the vibration that we will not be able to enjoy during the sessions.

However, the words “Controller for mobile” must not mislead you. Most mobile apps will not be supported by this device. No games of PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile therefore, but large and long sessions of CLoud Gaming to the best of its potential. The controller, having an official Xbox license, can however be used on the Xbox itself or on a PC and works excellently. However, we feel we prefer, on these supports, a more “important” controller that gives back to the game the sensations of grip and useful feedback to play better.

However, the PowerA MOGA Controller is truly unbeatable when used with a mobile device. For this reason, the powerbank inside the controller proves to be extremely useful and versatile to adapt to any need and situation in which we find ourselves: traveling, sprawling on the sofa, on public transport. In any situation, the PowerA MOGA Controller is excellent.

The review of the PowerA MOGA Controller in a nutshell

The PowerA MOGA Controller is one of the best devices on the market when it comes to cloud and mobile gaming. Although we advise against using it on PC, there will be nothing better than MOGA to play with the potential of streaming.

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