La linea ROG X Evangelion dedicata all'EVA-02 di Asuka arriva in Italia (ed è splendida) thumbnail

The ROG X Evangelion line dedicated to Asuka’s EVA-02 arrives in Italy (and it’s splendid)

Fans of the acclaimed anime series Evangelion can now express their love forEVA-02piloted by Asuka, thanks to a new and fascinating collaboration. The partnership between ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) e Evangelion continue with a second generation of products, offering a wide range of components and peripherals inspired by this iconic mecha. The line ROG X Evangelion it just arrived in Italy and we had the chance to look at it up close. And we have to say, she is very impressive.

ROG X Evangelion EVA-02 Edition, dedicated to Sugar, in Italy

In Evangelion, Asuka pilots the’EVA-02with its coloring completely red, is the centerpiece of this extraordinary collection. The scarlet color is found throughout the line, from the motherboard to the ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4090. But the line also lights up with LEDs and displays that reflect the details of the mecha and who drives it.

The ASUS team showed us how much attention to detail. All products are made with custom decals and graphics that recreate the look of the anime, while also customizing the top of the Hyperion chassis that most gamers will hold against the wall.

interior eva 02

All components and accessories arriving soon

In addition to having a high level of customization, ASUS has decided to equip this new ROG X Evangelion line that has just arrived in Italy with only the best components. Just think that at the center of this theming is the powerful ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card to understand that this build is not only beautiful to look at, but offers top performance.

sugar gospel x rog

So find a motherboard capable of everything, an excellent heatsink, supports. And then the large ROG Hyperion chassis, which with double tempered glass with magnetic attachment will make it very easy to upgrade your PC.

evangelion rog

Here is an overview of the peripherals and components of this exceptional ROG x Evangelion line:

  • Motherboard ROG Maximus Hero: This motherboard offers extraordinary performance and attractive aesthetics. Evangelion fans can enjoy a seamless connection between their gaming setup and the world of Eva.
  • ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4090 Graphics Card: The graphics power of this card is perfect for the most demanding games. Evangelion’s art is reflected in the details of the card’s design.
  • Dissipator AIO ROG Ryujin III 360: Keeping your system at the right temperature is crucial for gamers. This cooler offers exceptional cooling performance and integrates Evangelion design elements.
  • Chassis Gaming ROG Hyperion: This chassis offers an exceptional gaming experience, with space for cable management and an aesthetic that recalls the world of Eva.
  • ROG Herculx Graphics Card Support: Ensures your graphics card is stable and well supported, avoiding possible damage. This accessory also maintains the Evangelion theme.
  • Tastiera ROG Strix Scope RX: This mechanical keyboard offers a customizable RGB backlit keyboard and Evangelion font.
  • Mouse ROG Gladius III Wireless AimPoint: With an Evangelion-inspired design, this mouse offers precision and advanced features for gamers.
  • Additionally, fans will still find the power supply available ROG Thor 1000W Platinium II and the ROG Scabbard II mouse pad from the first ROG x Evangelion collaboration. These products are perfectly consistent in terms of design and colors, with the red accents really spot on. Therefore, they can guarantee aesthetic continuity with the new setup.

    sugar gospel rog

    The ROG x Evangelion 2023 edition is a dream come true for Anime and gaming enthusiasts. These products combine the power and performance of ROG with the iconic world of Evangelion, offering a unique experience to fans of both categories.

    The perfect PC for all fans

    The Asus team explains to us that, having also learned from the last one theming dedicated to Evangelion, has brought enough components to the Italian market for all fans to build their own complete build. But you can also choose elements individually to give mecha-inspired lines to your current PCs.

    rog x gospel asus sugar

    We were also able to see how the red of the mecha and Asuka’s suit go very well with other ROG products, such as the gaming chairs with the Republic of Gamers logo. But during the presentation event the company showed us other goodies coming soon also for those with a different aesthetic sense, such as various new components and peripherals (including an interesting fiberglass mouse mat) for those who want a total white look.

    In the world of gaming, power is fundamental, but it’s not everything: the eye also wants its part, and the ROG

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