The roller coaster triggers emergency calls on the iPhone 14

Le montagne russe attivano le chiamate di emergenza su iPhone 14 thumbnail

If you have a iPhone 14be careful to take it with you on rollercoaster. This is the suggestion we would like to give after the numerous emergency calls initiated by Apple’s “Incident Detection” function in a theme park near Cincinnati. Apparently, in fact, the new incredible option of the smartphones of the Cupertino company literally goes into bugs when dealing with the roller coaster. And it’s not necessarily a question of adrenaline.

iPhone 14: the roller coaster bug the “Incident detection”

The latest series of iPhone 14 and Apple Watch have attracted not a little attention for the “Incident detection” function, able to detect whether a user is involved in a car accident or not. However, the option has some problems with the roller coaster. In fact, in the last month the Warren County Communications Center received a lot of emergency calls from King Island amusement park near Cincinnati. But without anyone getting involved in any accident, of course.

Apple devices have reportedly misinterpret movement and running noise as collisions. And they immediately start the emergency calls – even if they offer at least ten seconds before contacting the authorities in charge -. Once the SOS has started, users are unable to stop it because they are unaware of what is happening. In the meantime, the emergency centers are seeing completely senseless requests for help. A big problem, which it seems that Apple is working to improve one of its new features most appreciated by users. In the meantime, if you plan on going to a playground, you would do well to leave your iPhone 14 on the ground.