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The rugged version of the Apple Watch will be called ‘Pro’

Three new smartwatches from Cupertino will arrive this year. Apple Watch 8a new economic model SE and a version ruggedwhich could be called Apple Watch 8 Pro. That could replace the Watch Edition, the version of the Apple watch that uses materials such as the titanium case.

Apple Watch 8, the rugged version will be called ‘Pro’

The news comes from Mark Gurman, the Bloomberg analyst who writes it in his Power On newsletter. Gurman reports many of the news already released (also reported by himself) about this year’s Apple Watch, which will be three different. But with a novelty: the rugged version will be an Apple Watch 8 Pro

A product designed for the most extreme athletes, capable of withstanding the most important efforts: shock resistance, advanced features for mountain hiking and for the new in open water, longer battery life. And a larger screen surrounded by metallic materials for added strength.

Apple Watch Rugged

The new Apple Watch Pro will appeal to “anyone could otherwise buy one Garmin High-End SportsWatch”. So a more expensive product than the basic version. And in keeping with the rest of Apple’s product lineup, it should be called Pro: as is the case with the more expensive versions of the MacBook, iPad, iPhone and AirPods.

Furthermore, according to Gurman this will mark a change of pace for Apple products with the elimination of the “Watch Edition”, with premium materials. The elegant model will then become the basic one, while those who want to spend around 900-999 dollars will buy the more resistant and sporty version.

For the rest, this Pro model should also have an S8 processor, the new generation of wearable chips, which should also support a body temperature sensor. Other news will arrive between now and September: we keep you informed.

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