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The Samsung Galaxy M33 5G review: when does the mid-range start?

Samsung the look and performance of its devices is also renewed mid-range: we have seen it for the smartphones ofexcellent Galaxy A series launched this year. And the Korean company has also renewed the M line with the new one Samsung Galaxy M33 5G, we tested for this review. A great device, though comes with a price very close to the “big brothers” Galaxy A33 and Galaxy A53, especially after the first online promotions. Samsung can compete against itself and launch a new mid-range smartphone with a winning quality / price ratio? Let us help you choose in this Samsung Galaxy M33 5G review.

Our Samsung Galaxy M33 5G review

Top-of-the-range smartphones always cost a little more. Meanwhile, entry-level smartphones are getting better and better. These two processes create a very broad mid-range, ranging from just over € 200 up to three or four times that much. But without a doubt, the competition is maximum from 300 to 400 euros: most users don’t need to spend more to find excellent smartphones. Distinguishing yourself in this range becomes more and more difficult.

Samsung has two whole lines around this price range: the Galaxy A series midrange and the f seriesra entry level e fascia media Galaxy M. Usually, the M series has huge batteries and affordable prices. Samsung Galaxy M33 5G stands to half between the two worlds.

You can already see it from the design, which Samsung has taken care of in detail. Often sonly 8.4mm, iThe device has clean lines and a nice finish. But on the other hand it is quite heavy (198 grams) and made of plastic, even with an above average build quality. We like the camera bump made of the same material as the cover, but it doesn’t lose the vertical momentum of this year’s other Galaxy models, which simulate the bump of the Galaxy S22 series. The flash LED under the square bump it looks almost as if Samsung forgot to put it all the way down.

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A double nature therefore, between the elegant and the economic that looks after the sodor. The side keys for the volume and the access button (which also acts as a fingerprint reader, of good quality and rather responsive) are well made.

We point out that in the packaging you will find the USB-C cable but not the charger.

Display a 120Hz, ma niente AMOLED

Also with regard to the display, Samsung makes a choice halfway between the entry level and the mid-range of quality. In fact he chooses to render the display from 6.6 inches of super smooth Galaxy M33 5G with 120Hz refresh rate, that you can appreciate during games and in general by browsing the operating system.

However, it is not an AMOLED display, instead using TFT technology. However, Samsung knows how to make a quality display: le images are sharp, the perfect animations. You can safely enjoy all the streaming series you want: the resolution FHD + (1080 x 2408) it’s great for this price range. But the colors they won’t be as bright, the equally profound contrast.

review samsung galaxy m33 5g screen performance min

Also compared to the standards that Samsung has accustomed us to, it seems to us that the lower bezel is slightly wider than we would have expected.

Despite this, it turns out a large and good quality panel: Again, the worst opponent for this smartphone is its big brothers from the Galaxy A series. But that’s not bad at all.

Samsung Galaxy M33 5G review: performance and software

Samsung has equipped the Galaxy M33 5G with the processore Exynos 1280, which proved up to par during this review. It is a quality mid-range chip, with a good level of performance especially during everyday use.

I 6GB in RAM allow you to open multiple applications without problems, but there is also the possibility of doubling the memory space with the RAM More. Unfortunately, the 128GB of memory does not use the fastest standard available, preferring the‘UFS 2.2. This makes some apps open slightly slower, but not so much that you feel the weight.

Gaming performance isn’t amazing. But it holds up well even sessions with graphically dense games such as Genshin Impact and the like. Professional gamers will have to spend a little more, but for everyone else there will be no problems.

samsung galaxy m33 5g review performance benchmarks min

On board this smartphone you will find One UI 4.1, which brings all the practicality of Android 12. At startup there are more apps than we would like, from TikTok to the iLMeteo app, as well as the Galaxy Store and all Samsung applications. But many are useful and you can always disable the ones you don’t use.

In everyday use the smartphone has convinced us, with only a few uncertainties and never annoying. Also excellent is the management of calls, messages and all the other functions that we take for granted, but which Samsung has taken care of in detail.

Samsung Galaxy M33 5G review: what is the camera like

On the back of the smartphone we find four sensors to rely on. The main from 50MPand’ultrawide and 5MP, a sensor of depth and a lens macroboth from 2MP. Our tests confirmed what we already suspected from the mere count of the pixels: you will mainly use only one sensor.

samsung galaxy m33 5g camera review min

The good thing is that the 50MP main sensor collects a lot of details and a lot of light, even in complicated situations. The images show true to life and well balanced colors, without using HDR too heavily distorting the colors. In short: an excellent main sensor considering the price range.

Unfortunately using the ultra-wide angle you immediately notice the negative quality leap. Less detail, distorted colors and little light. Even portrait photography and macro photos are not up to par with the main sensor. For both photos and videos, rely on the main sensor and leave the others alone. Discreto lo zoom fino a x2 o x3, but not having a dedicated sensor the quality is lost after that threshold.

The 8MP selfie camera does his, without glory or shame. Good for video calls and selfies for social media (also using the included Snapchat Lenses), but no more.

A really good autonomy

In our tests we noticed that the 5000 mAh battery Samsung’s M33 5G consumes slightly more than expected during intense activations such as gaming or browsing in 5G. But on the other hand, when you use your smartphone less, practically the percentage never goes down. The result is that you can finish the day quietly with an intense day of use, while if you make a lighter use (on average for many users) you can also close the second day without too many problems.

You can use the 25W fast charging, even if you do not find the suitable charger inside (you can buy it on the Samsung website). In this price range we would have preferred to find it in the package. Charging takes around two hours on average to go from zero to 100%.

Samsung Galaxy M33 5G review: worth buying

Samsung has tried to place this smartphone in a complex market segment. Although it is all in all a good product, for the price of 339,90 euro there is one fierce competition. Also from other smartphones of the manufacturer, in particular from Galaxy A53 5Gwhich if on the official website costs 469.90 euros, you will already find on offer just over 300 euror. Same processor, but a great AMOLED screen and a better camera.

However, it remains a quality product: if you decide to buy it you will have a reliable smartphone in your hands. But perhaps it is better to wait for a promotion that brings it below 300 euros, where the battery life and attention to detail of Samsung can make the difference.


  • Great autonomy
  • Good performance
  • Quality main camera


  • No AMOLED screen
  • You will only use the main camera
  • Fierce competition in the price range
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