The Sandbox, parte l’Alpha Season 2

The Sandbox, parte l

Come back for the Season 2 l’Alpha di The Sandboxwhich allows you to immerse yourself in the metaverso with over 35 experiences. The departure is scheduled for 4:00 pm on March 3rd. And for the first time, Mac users as well as PC users will be able to participate.

The Sandbox, via all’Alpha Season 2

the 18 virtuous experienceswings presented in the first season improve. They also come five unpublished, three IP-based and four created by users with the Game Maker Fund. In addition, a new Hub arrives, both on PC and Mac. Virtual experiences open to all, with the possibility of earning a ticket to continue testing the metaverse. In fact, you can try further 200 Quests to win an Alpha Passwhich will be greater and will give greater opportunities to earn.

Among the experiences there are three based on intellectual property. Let’s talk about Snoop Dogg’s Foreplaywhere you can explore the rapper’s NFTs and go from being mr.nobody to VIP. Hong Kong’s Star Ferry Pier instead it is a journey through time to visit the famous Hong Kong pier, thanks to the archives of the South China Morning Post. Finally, with Missing Parts by Celsius Online you can take a romantic ride on the Duck Boat, a dream for lovers who love NFTs and the metaverse.

In addition to the IP experiences, you will also find four activities created with the Game Maker Fund:

  • Dracula’s Castle. Do you dare to face the evil Count Dracula and his army of monsters?
  • Meta Dungeon. Hack and slash adventure created by RTFKT, with giant bosses in the dungeons and a cybercity to explore.
  • The Funguys Kingdom. A multiplayer experience with 10 biomes to discover the hidden secrets of the mushroom alcove.
  • Border Town of Tang Dynasty. A demon attacks a peaceful town during the Tang dynasty. Will you be able to save everyone?

And there are many other news. In order to try them you need a pass NFT per l’Alpha Season 2. You can get it with the lottery by logging in with your The Sandbox account, participating in social contests or buying in the secondary market. Pass holders can earn up to mille Sand.

Are you ready to step into the metaverse and try these new adventures?