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The Serpent Rogue review: a dark adventure between exploration and alchemy

In the years Team 17 has accustomed us to a series of fresh and innovative videogame news and now returns to the office in the company of the Ukrainian team of Sengi Games. The new creature of this collaboration is called The Serpent Rogueout on April 26, and this is his review.

We are faced with an intriguing adventure video game with dark themes but with a light and innovative spirit that will take us on a long journey between life and death.

Our review of The Serpent Rogue

The Serpet Rogue is an action-adventure video game with a strong crafting and potion-making component. In this title we will take on the bizarre role of the Wardenand mysterious alchemist with a doctor’s mask during the period of the plague, which finds himself in a medieval land full of mysteries and opportunities. From this moment on, the future of our protagonist will be exclusively in our hands.

Although it presents a plot that will reveal the secrets of this world invaded by corruption, an evil that affects nature, animals and inhabitants making them hostile and dangerous, how to undertake it will depend on us. On our side, the Warden has his alchemist skills at his disposal with which, once the ingredients scattered around the world have been found and analyzed, they will be able to create powerful potions.

These, the exploration of dangerous places and the help of others recruited characters, they will take you farther and farther, to know portentous lands and enemies. Will you be able to eradicate corruption?

The Serpent Rogue

Sengi Games


Between life and death

the serpent rogue recensione

Our duty as guardian is precisely to stop the corruption that is spreading more and more and restore order to the world. To do this we will first have to to explore the various areas: the wastelands, a swamp, a harbor of souls, the Gravedigger’s house, an abandoned church and so on. The different areas are not very large but offer great opportunities and of course, dangers. There corruption it has in fact hit animals and creatures, human and otherwise, who will attack us on sight. A system in crafting will allow us not only to create the potions mentioned above, but also of develop weapons with which to defend ourselves.

Life and death are in fact one of the central themes of this title. In addition to the classic life bar, we will also have to satiate our appetite gathering natural resources and cooking. Having a full stomach will allow us to regenerate health and believe it, you will need it. The enemies are many and going forward with the game, more and more strong. Fortunately, we will have creatures and humans who have not yet been corrupted on our side. By offering food or money, we can persuade them to join our ranks as NPCs (non-player characters) and fight with us. But be careful, even when our allies are not with us, we will have to provide them with food to keep them healthy.

We will in fact have a camp which will grow more and more depending on the size of our group as well as keeping the pantry full. In the camp we can resting, cooking, developing weapons and so on. Surviving is of prime importance but don’t despair. Death is not the end and sometimes, it may take you to new places otherwise unreachable. You may even become walking skeletons… but that’s another story.

Alchemy, battles, exploration …

the serpent rogue recensione 1

The amount of things to do in The Serpent Rogue is really huge and we don’t feel like spoiling everything in this review. Just know that what you have read is just the tip of the iceberg of a game that, once again, makes us forget about triple A’s.

The gameplay approach is fresh and innovative, never boring and always with something new to discover. You want an enchanted tree that requires a tribute to help you, here it is. A port that ferries souls in pain, of course. Despite the funeral setting, the world is more alive than ever. Added to this is the great freedom of choice. Although there are quests to overcome, the choice of whether to do it, how and when is up to us. We can spend our time creating a chicken farm or why not, turn ourselves into a hen.

An atmosphere of the other world

From a technical point of view, The Serpent Rogue is characterized by a simple but effective, fluid and satisfying graphic style. The dark colors and themes are beautifully rendered by the cel-shading and the skilful play of light and shadow that give us a unique atmosphere. In the same way, a praise must also be made to the soundtrack which moves in incredible harmony with the settings and themes.

The Serpent Rogue review in brief

The Serpent Rogue was a little gem to discover that will keep you glued to the screen for hours and hours. There are many things to do and to become the best alchemist out there you will need a lot of time to discover the ingredients and recipes available.

There is no right or wrong way to play The Serpent Rogue but the way you like best and this makes it a title worth exploring. And who knows what there will still be to discover in this magical creepy world.


  • Fresh to innovative gameplay
  • Lots of things to do
  • An intriguing mystery to be solved
  • Total freedom for the player …


  • … Even if a few more guidelines would have been useful
  • A bit too retro combat system
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