The Silent Hill universe expands: new titles, a remake and a movie are coming

L'universo di Silent Hill si espande: in arrivo nuovi titoli, un remake e un film thumbnail

Fan di Silent Hill, hold fast. During last night’s event Konami released a ton of news e trailer on the future of his iconic horror franchise and, as well as confirm Silent Hill 2 Remakewhich has been rumored for some time, the study revealed three new games in the same universe: Silent Hill Townfall, Ascension e F.

The trailer for Silent Hill F, a different project

Silent Hill F seems like an exciting starting point for the series. The game was created by Ryūkishi07a creator known for making acclaimed visual novels centered around thepsychological horror eh supernatural mysteries. The teaser of f is splendid e horrifying and, as you can see, it shows a young woman coming consumed from the inside out by the tentacles of a meat-eating plant.

The Description of the teaser on YouTube reveals that the game is “set in the Japan of the sixties, in a beautiful but terrifying world”. We currently don’t have a release date for the title yet.

Townfall ed Ascension

The second new title is Townfall and comes from Annapurna Interactive e No Codea Glasgow studio known for its strong narrative skills and for the building a horror world in titles like Observation and Stories Untold. From the short teaser trailer you can guess that this is the title more traditional of the trio.

Ascension instead it is a completely different title but it is accompanied by a great name: JJ Abrams. It’s about a interactive streaming series in which “the whole community shapes the canon of Silent Hill” and whose slogan is “Face your trauma together”. Ascension was born from the Abrams studio, Bad Robotthat’s right genvid, a company that produces interactive live shows. It is described as “a new form of entertainment that blends community, live storytelling and interactivity” and will debut in 2023.

The most anticipated remake ever: Silent Hill 2 Remake

The real star of the evening, however, was Silent Hill 2 Remakeone of the most anticipated titles since public and by fans of horror. Motoi OkamotoKonami’s producer, talked about the remake and explained how much audiences appreciate the horror franchise.

Silent Hill has been, if you like, “silent” for many years. Yet, even during this silence, Konami has received proposals for new titles and remakes. It really is a franchise loved by many fans.

Bloober Team was one of the teams that came to Konami with the more passionate proposals. It is a studio that loves and specializes in horror games. Together with the creators who love Silent Hill, for fans who love Silent Hill, Okamoto has decided to make the remake of Silent Hill 2.

He then passed the word to Mateusz LenartCreative Director and Lead Designer of Bloober Team.

Lenart stated that Silent Hill 2 is a beloved and timeless classic. This is one of the reasons they decided to work on this remake with particular attention erInspection for the original game. With this in mind, one of their main goals is to preserve the atmosphere that made Silent Hill 2 so great, while modernizing many aspects of the gameplay overall game. They are working closely with the original creators, including Akira Yamaoka e It’s awesometo make sure of keep the unique atmosphere of Silent Hill intact.

One of the new elements that can be seen in the reveal trailer is the adoption of one shoulder camera. With this change they want immerse players even more in the gamemake them feel part of this unreal world and offer them a more visceral experience.

One change often brings another. With a new perspective, they stand rebuilding the combat system e some settings, among other things. Now that it will be possible to see what James sees, the team can find new ways to keep the player on a tightrope.

Thanks to sessions by motion capture all’avanguardiathe team is also able to offer the best facial expressions of the history of the series and to show a wide range of emotions even before a character utters a single word.

They are also updating the Silent Hill 2 experience completely. Thanks to the possibilities offered byUnreal Engine 5are bringing the misty and sinister city to life in ways that were previously impossible.

Some of the features of the Unreal Engine 5 that really shine are Lumen e Nanites. Thanks to these features, the graphics have been brought to new levels of detail e you realismwhile the unnerving atmosphere that characterizes the game has been taken to the maximum.

In short, we can really expect great things from this title that, at the time of its release – not yet announced – Sara a timed exclusive on PlayStation 5. To conclude we announce that Konami has also unveiled the arrival of a new film: Return to Silent Hill of Christophe Gans