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The “silent war” between Apple and Google, according to ex-employees

Two ex-Apple engineers they told of thesilent war” towards Google, with the two companies continuing to provoke each other behind each other’s smiles. According to the two former employees, however, the competition remains fierce.

Apple and Google, the “silent war” told from within

In a report by the Financial Times (behind paywall) the two former Apple engineers have several burning statements about the rivalry between the two companies. Both former engineers have used the word “grudge” to describe Apple’s relationship with Google. One of them even has it called a “silent war”. The engineers didn’t delve further, it seems.

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However, the masthead reports at least three battlefields between the two companies. The first is Apple Maps. Launched in 2012 with the hope of replacing Google Mapswhich debuted on iOS just that year, although the Android app had already been around for four years.

As AppleInsider reports on the news, Apple Maps also arrived because Google Maps didn’t want to launch the Navigator directions for iPhone.

Google Maps vs Apple Maps

A second battlefield is research. Google is a leader in this market, but Apple has been working on AppleBota search engine used by Siri e Spotlight at least since 2015. But even in this area, winning for Apple seems difficult.

The third comparison is on advertisingwith the modifications of the privacy su iPhone which could greatly benefit Apple in catching up. And these are only three: companies also compete on iMessage messages, on the world of smartphones and other electronic devices (where instead the advantage is all Apple).

While all of these confrontations are more than public, it seems that behind the scenes they are viewed with “a grudge” by staff members. And the “silent war” continues…

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