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The Sims 4 my wedding review: a disastrous ceremony

The Sims universe is like ours: huge and ever-expanding. And it is precisely of expansions that The Sims 4 and we players feed ourselves and it is in them that the secret of the longevity of this title lies. History has taught us, however, that the various packages and DLC from The Sims they succeed with the hole and you know, history is destined to repeat itself. With The Sims 4: my weddingthe last one Game Pack di The Sims 4, the heart of romantic gamers took a leap and after our preview, nothing seemed to come between us is a potentially brilliant DLC. But the reality wasn’t that rosy. Let’s find out everything, absolutely everything, of The Sims 4: My Wedding in this review.

The Sims 4 review: my wedding

With The Sims 4: My Wedding, our Sims would have the wedding of their dreams. The entire Game Pack is in fact focused on the theme of love and the most special day for Sims in love. Not surprisingly, all the news in terms of objects, elements of the Build mode, clothes, hairstyles and new gameplay mechanics, they are all focused on Marriage and the ceremonies that surround it. Not only the big “Yes”, but also the stag / hen dinner, the post-wedding refreshments, the engagement celebration and so on. But let’s start with order.

The news

The Sims 4 My Wedding Review

One of the most important innovations introduced with Il Mio Matrimonio is undoubtedly Tortosathe new scenario. It is a particularly well-made scenario to be included in a Game Pack. We find a fantastic peninsula surrounded by greenery and surrounded by evil divided into two neighborhoods both characterized by a pleasant European style that recalls, in some lots, the scenery of Greece. A splendid waterfall and accessible beaches (in “Beach Life” style) complete the whole. The scenario introduces the new types of community lots “Nuptial Meeting”where it is possible to organize the wedding of our dreams.

the new to Buy and Build mode, they are the heart of these lots. As expected, most of the items introduced have a simple one decorative function, and they succeed very well in their intent. Vases with long white drapes, flowered columns, sumptuous tables and chairs are among the novelties included accompanied by objects and furnishings typical of Indian culture and weddings. Among the many decorative objects (over 60) we have new functional items for new gameplay mechanics. The most important is undoubtedly the aisle on which the Sims will approach the alter to celebrate the wedding. It also has elements such as a Bucket for making toasts, a circular buffet table, a tea set and more.

Always connected to marriage (as they may not be), are the hairstyles and outfits added in Create A Sim. Great attention to formal, white, beautiful dresses. Among the most classic and elegant we also find more modern and less pompous dresses for a more sober wedding. The clothing novelties are well distributed between women’s and men’s styles and we also have novelties for teenagers and children. On average, the quantity of clothes is in line with previous Game Packs in terms of both number and quality.

Everything revolves at the moment of “Yes”

As anticipated, this new Game Pack introduces the new category of Wedding Events which understands well 6 different social events such as the “last single night”, the “Family Reunion”, the “Reception” and of course the “Wedding Ceremony”. The latter is certainly the most challenging event that, in addition to letting you choose the bride and groom Sims and guests, will allow you to choose the Sim of Honor, the Bridesmaid or the Page, the Sim Officiant of the ceremony and the Sim carrying the flowers. These particular categories cannot be selected in the event system but you will need to ask each Sim during the game to accept a certain category. It is a simple interaction that will make us more involved in the organization.

The ceremony event also includes the choice of one wedding cakewhich can be purchased or prepared by ourselves, a style of clothing and, if we wish, a themed color, the place where it will take place and the activities that will affect the event. These can be chosen by us and range from throwing rice, crossing the aisle, from the toast of the guests to throwing the bouquet, and many others. Each activity corresponds to new animations in groups or not that greatly enrich the lives of our Sims, even if only for a day.

However, these are accompanied by a series of innovations that can be exploited in everyday life. In addition to the aforementioned preparation (and if desired, for sale) of wedding cakes, now two Sims can slow dance together, it is possible to chat, get excited or have doubts about marriage, look at the spouse with love, remember the marriage and so on. Generally, Sims seem to have more heart.

The thousand problems

The Sims 4 my wedding review

It’s just a pity that the reality of things is quite a bit different. On paper, The Sims 4: My Wedding seemed to be one of the best made, most enterprising and original Game Packs, but, the fateful day has come, something, if not all, has gone wrong. To better “control” the potentially many guests at the various ceremonies, the game offers one extremely useful series of commands to be given to diners. These range from the classic “sit down” while witnessing the exchange of faiths to “Call to throw rice”, “Call to eat at the Buffet” and so on. A series of simple but effective commands to invite guests to participate in the activity of the moment.

Just a shame that most of those commands just don’t work. We are not talking about an effectiveness with little impact on the game but a complete uselessness. During our game, after inviting the guests to sit down, they no longer got up for the duration of the wedding and there was no way to move them except by resorting to game cheats. Despite the forced unlock, we tried to invite guests to join the buffet, without success. They actually threw rice at the bride and groom, but they didn’t deign to make a speech. Likewise, the newlyweds failed to cut the cake romantically because the command simply didn’t work, despite various attempts. After too many attempts, the cake also went bad …

An event of great joy ended in a series of empty commands and the most awkward marriage ever. The amount of bug e malfunctions it was such that the main reason why the expansion took place turned out to be almost superfluous.

The Sims 4 review: my wedding in a nutshell

The Sims 4 my wedding review

The prospects for a glorious Game Pack were all there, but no other DLC like The Sims 4: my marriage failed them. The news are there, they are many and potentially well thought out, but their development and the final result was disappointing. On the other hand, the Tortosa scenario and some gameplay mechanics (out of wedlock) are excellent, like a real expansion, but we are not sure they are currently worth the purchase of the entire Game Pack.

We are more than certain that Electronic Arts and Maxis will do everything to fix these problems and the various bugs, but before that, maybe it is the case to postpone the wedding.

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