Il nuovo aggiornamento di The Sims 4 celebra la cultura culinaria ebraica thumbnail

The Sims 4: The new update celebrates Jewish cuisine

The Sims 4the hugely popular life simulation video game, is enriched with new content thanks to a new update that makes the experience for players even more fun and varied.

Starting today, in fact, it will be possible prepare and taste two typical dishes of the Jewish tradition: matzah meatball soup and challah bread. These foods, originally from Eastern Europe, are symbols of a rich and fascinating culture, which players will be able to learn more about through family recipes or the discovery of new flavours. A way to celebrate the diversity and conviviality that characterize the world of the Sims.

The Sims 4: The update also affects the Caliente family

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But that’s not all: even the Caliente family, one of the most loved and discussed by fans of the series, receives an update that reveals their secrets and events. Nina and Dina, the twins with a fiery and flirtatious character, Katrina, their widowed mother and Don Lothario, their charming neighbor, are the protagonists of a story full of twists and scandals.

Players will be able to explore the relationships between these non-playable characters, who enliven the neighborhood with their love affairs and family dramas. An opportunity to rediscover part of the history of The Sims franchise and to have fun with the hottest and most intriguing situations.

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