The Sims 4 will introduce customizable pronouns

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Last year, Maxis announced the intention of add neutral language in The Sims 4 through the introduction of options such as i customizable pronouns for each sim. This week, the team went deeper into how the pronoun system is it might appear and showed it all during a live stream. Finally revealed that it will allow players to customize them completely.

Customizable pronouns come to The Sims 4

Everything is still in progress at the moment but the live stream has provided a good picture from how they will work things when pronouns are added. The current name option in the section Create Sim will be changed from “Hello, my name is …” to “Hello, my name and pronouns are …” with four selectable options in a drop-down menu.

He/him/his, she/her/hers e they/them/theirs are the three default options. There will then be a fourth option that will allow you to type your pronouns with examples of how they work in a sentence. The custom option will also contain a filter for strong words, similar to the one currently used for the gallery to try to discourage the use of incorrect language.

MomoMisfortune, a Twitch streamer who started a petition to introduce pronouns in The Sims 4, tweeted: “I started it but we did it together. Thanks to all of you, this means a lot to me and to many others ”, while connecting her YouTuber lilsimsie she admitted she was “so excited to see this progress in updating pronouns”.

At the moment we don’t know when customizable pronouns will be added. In fact, at the moment it seems that the function is still in the planning and implementation phase. Producer SimGuruDuck revealed that “this is still a work-in-progress and our research and design will continue until we hear that the feature is ready to be launched in the game.”

To review the entire live stream, you can check out the Maxis Twitch page.

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