The Smart Oven Pizzaiolo, for pizzas in two minutes

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Sage allows you to cook excellent pizzas in a few minutes thanks to The Smart Oven Pizzaiolothe domestic oven that heats up to 400 degrees. The high temperature is essential for excellent pizzas and technology Element IQ di Sage allows you to bake pizzas as if you were in a pizzeria.

The Smart Oven Pizzaiolo, perfect pizzas in minutes

High temperature is an essential requirement when cooking a pizza. With a classic oven, even the best manual skills cannot achieve the result that i best pizza chefs reach with wood-fired ovens. However, Sage has collaborated with some of the most famous pizza chefs in the world and completed four years of research and development to arrive at an optimal result. And in a very compact design.

The intelligent system Element IQ ™ patented by Sage allows Smart Oven Pizzaiolo to reach the 400 gradi Celsius. This allows you to cook an excellent Neapolitan pizza in just two minutes. It achieves this with a ceramic baffle for even cooking and a traditional pizza stone. That makes the perfect pizza base and crust crisp. They are also enough 20 minutes to preheat, instead of hours like in wood-fired ovens.

In addition to the great heat, The Smart Oven Pizzaiolo ™ offers seven pre-programmed settings that allow you to cook different types of pizza. In fact, if you also love American pizza, you can try the version Chicago, New York in addition to Neapolitan. And the version Hack instead it allows you to cook in manual mode, for the more experienced.

You can also use the oven to grill vegetables or cook different types of focaccia. You can find the smart and perfect oven for Sage pizzas directly on the dedicated website. The recommended price is 699,90 euro.

So, are you ready to surprise friends and relatives with a pizza as good as that of the pizza chef? Then you have to start training right away and choose the best ingredients. Sage’s Pizzaiolo takes care of cooking.