The smart receipt arrives: it is valid like the paper one

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The smart receipt arrives in Italy. A revolution led in the Bel Paese by Epson, Europe’s leading manufacturer of receipt printers, which through the Telematic Recorder will provide receipts that are fully equivalent to paper receipts.

The start of the initiative is set for Wednesday 15 September, when it will be available to merchants who choose to implement it and to customers, once activated in the points of sale, with the consequent advantage that there will no longer be any need to have and also keep its paper version, as requested until now.

The smart receipt “told by Epson”

Regarding the retail world, Epson had already been the first company to present Epson Intelligent mPOS solutions, printers designed to allow staff to conclude the sale anywhere in the store using portable or tablet-based systems, perfectly integrated with the technological infrastructure. .

All this “cosmos” is moving towards an increasingly marked digitization and that is why today Epson has decided to be the protagonist of innovation by making this revolutionary innovation available to exhibitors and consumers. All Epson telematic recorders, belonging to category “I” (RT with new seal), will in fact be able to supply the smart receipt with a simple firmware update.

The smart receipt, which will be issued at no additional cost or the need for further operations, it can therefore be regularly used, for example, to request tax deductions / deductions, to assert warranty rights on products and services, to record expense reports, and in all cases where the receipt is required as proof of purchase.

“We are very proud to announce this great news,” he says Camillo Radaelli, Head of Sales Business Systems at Epson Italy. “For all merchants and their customers, the Epson Smart Receipt represents a real revolution because it facilitates operations and allows another important step towards digitization and environmental sustainability, eliminating the need to print and keep copies of receipts so that these retain their value. Our goal is to guarantee and accompany the transition to digital, which can no longer be postponed, and we are happy to be the first to move in this direction “.

The advantages of this choice

The consumer will receive the smart receipt in digitally signed PDF format via email, so that it can be archived and always available when needed.

The merchant, on the other hand, will be able to enjoy numerous benefits from using the Telematic Recorder integrated with the option: for example, he will print less, saving energy and obviously paper, and therefore will have lower operating costs than today. With the Telematic Recorder and the new Smart Receipt function, the merchant will be able to offer a new service to his customers, also in this way aligning himself with that integration between physical and digital that is already becoming established in the points of sale and which will be increasingly present. in the future.

In addition, Smart Receipt brings considerable advantages also in terms of environmental sustainability. By making the printing of the paper receipt superfluous, the new Smart Receipt provided by Epson Telematic Recorders allows you to avoid the use of chemical paper, used today for physical receipts, a paper that contains bisphenol, a plastic and polluting substance that is not recyclable and must therefore be disposed of in unsorted waste. A nice saving for the environment if we consider that in Italy there are almost 1.6 million Telematic Recorders with a relative production of millions of chemical paper receipts. But the advantages for merchants are also registered on the economic sustainability: chemical paper rolls cost around 2 euros and the savings can be significant if you consider that a bar in a city can consume on average even one roll a day.

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